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In a busy and ever more competitive environment, getting your company branding right has never been more important. And this starts with choosing the right name.

Choosing a familiar, unoriginal name for your business can feel like the safe decision. In reality, it’s the opposite. What you need is a cool company name: one with character and style that conveys confidence and stands out from your competition.

At Novanym we have hundreds of brilliant .com brand names that have been designed for businesses across the business spectrum.

Every one of our amazing company names comes with a perfect .com domain, is easy to say, spell and remember – and comes with a choice of three professional logo designs. How cool is that?


  • Super-cool company names …without a branding agency
  • Ready-made brand names designed for all sectors
  • Names come with an exact-match .com domain and a choice of logos
  • With one quick purchase, your company is named and branded
  • Your .com domain is ready to use for your website and email address

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Find your cool business name today


We have cool business domains for companies in every sector, so you'll find the perfect name for your new venture in no time. Browse our collection of business names and in just a few clicks you could secure a great domain name, a professional logo …and the foundations for building your brand.

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‘Cool’ is one of those words that means different things to different people. But in the context of cool company names, what we really mean is:

  • A name that’s more than just generic, literal or descriptive
  • A name that’s more about style than meaning
  • A distinctive name with unusual spelling or a dash of wit
  • An engaging name that makes an emotional connection with customers
  • A name with the confidence to stand out in its marketplace – this will help to make it memorable
  • And of course, the cool .com domain to match …which is essential

Business naming is a subjective decision and you should go with your instincts: if you think it’s cool, then it is.


It’s all very well deciding on that awesome, cool name for your organisation - but can you own the .com domain too? This is a big question, and should be taken seriously. After all, a .com domain is essential for establishing credibility and building a brand.

At Novanym, we only sell no-compromise .com domains with our names. The .com domain tells the world that your company is the only one that matters - even if another company uses the same name now or in the future. In short, the .com secures your brand name.

And the availability of the .com is a strong indication that a name is rare. This is brilliant for getting found online, and makes the name easier to trademark, too.


When you look at the names in our collections, you’ll see that we don’t sell unimaginative names made from common keywords. Our names are invented and evocative, and avoid being bland, generic or descriptive.

We also focus on nerdy stuff like making sure the phonetics are natural, and that names have an instinctively readable spelling, even when they first appear to break the rules. Qualities like this help a business name to be remembered easily, which is vital for building brand recognition.

Some of our names can seem a little challenging at first – but we’re in good company. Leading brand names like Google, Accenture, Xerox, Verizon, and Expedia seemed unusual when they were launched. But names like this become familiar very quickly. And most importantly, because they had the bravery to stand out, we remember them – surely the definition of cool, effective branding.

Our original, distinctive names aren’t for everyone. But for a confident business that understands the value of good branding, we believe we offer the best selection of business names available.

Keep cool and carry on

Setting up a business can be stressful, and finding a name is just one of countless things on your To Do list. Novanym aims to remove the stress of naming your business: simply choose one you like, and get on with the rest of your plans.

It simply has to to be the .com

You’ll only find perfect .com domains on Novanym. The .com protects a brand name, and makes a company easier to find online, especially with search engines. Don’t settle for anything less than a .com - it’s the only domain that matters.

Created by branding designers, not robots

Our names are created by cool people (though we say so ourselves) - branding professionals, not artificial intelligence or spreadsheets. This gives our names the human touch. We’re guessing that your customers - and their customers - are humans too ;-)

It’s cool to be inventive

A company name doesn’t have to be descriptive or have a dictionary meaning – some of the biggest, coolest brands out there have invented names. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Novanym: engaging, non-literal names with real brand potential.

Quick domain transfer

Every domain that we sell is owned by Novanym. So there are no third-party owners to deal with, no delays, and no hassle. This makes the domain transfer safe, easy, and fast.

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