Like many other creative professionals, photographers understand the importance of creating the right image through their branding. And this starts with choosing the right name. 

Whether you’re a wedding photographer, Photoshop or imaging expert, portrait specialist, freelance generalist - or setting up a photography studio - standing out really matters, particularly online. 

So the best way to get noticed and remembered is to choose a distinctive, confident photography brand name.

A name that says something unique about your company, and makes an emotional connection with customers, will become a valuable business asset.

This is where Novanym comes in: we have a choice of hundreds of picture-perfect business names, designed with photography businesses in mind. 

All of our names have the personality and style that makes them brandable - and all of them come with a no-compromise .com domain name and a choice of logos.


Ready-made brand names, developed by creative branding experts

Names come with a perfect-match .com domain and a choice of logos

Your .com domain is ready to use for your website and email address

Pro-quality branding …without an agency

With one easy purchase, your photographic business is named and branded

Our collection of 46 names

Photography business names

Find the perfect photography name today

Browse our list of photography name ideas, find a name you love, and in a snap it’s yours. Every name has been created with photography businesses in mind, and comes with a .com domain to match, as well as a choice of professional logo designs. To create the right image and give your brand the right exposure, choose a photography name from Novanym.

Try our photography name generator

Our photography business name generator is designed to create a list of photographer name options

Designed by creative professionals

Our photography studio names are developed by experienced branding experts, not by robots or spreadsheets. This gives them the human touch.

Brilliant branding, in a flash

Browse our collection of photography company names. Select your favourite. Buy online. Professional naming really is easy with Novanym. 

A choice of logo designs

All of our creative logos are designed in-house by Novanym - and will help you to convey the right brand image.

A focus on uniqueness

Our photography company name ideas are not generic, and never bland - they’re invented names, designed to be distinctive. Names like this can become brands.

The .com is where it’s at

The .com is the world’s favourite domain, so it’s the only one that really matters. That’s why you’ll only find perfect .com domains on Novanym. 

Fast domain transfer

Every domain on our website is owned by Novanym. So there are no third-party owners to deal with, no delays, and no hassle. This makes the domain transfer easy, safe, and quick.


Focus on owning the .com

The first place people start when they’re looking for a photographer is online, and it goes without saying that any serious photography business needs a great-looking website. It is after all the very definition of a visual, creative service. A beautiful site is not something a pro photographer will compromise on.

But, all too often, businesses will compromise on the domain name, believing that it doesn’t matter as much as what the website looks like. This is a mistake.

The perfect .com domain makes a business easier to find online, helps to protect the brand, and conveys authority to customers. 

At Novanym we only sell exact-match .com domain names with our photography names. Don’t settle for anything less.

The photography name checklist

When choosing a company name, there are factors that are very particular to a photographic business. These include:

  • A name that helps to convey your creativity and flair
  • A name that hints at what you do, without being bland or obvious
  • A confident name that will stand out among countless other photographers
  • A name that helps to communicate your image and personality
  • A distinctive name that avoids being weird or gimmicky
  • An invented name that’s more about style than meaning
  • A name that protects the brand with an exact-match .com

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