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What is a brandable domain?

A brandable domain name is a domain name that can be used to name and brand a business.

And in order to be ‘brandable’ it must be:

  • A .com domain

  • Easy to say and spell
  • Engaging and memorable
  • Distinctive, not generic or descriptive
  • Credible and professional
  • An exact-match with the business name, with no compromises

A great .com domain is the foundation of an effective brand - and is a valuable business asset.

Why buy a brandable domain from Novanym?

High quality: The best collection of .com domains you’ll find anywhere, created by our branding experts

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Instant branding: Domains are available to buy with a professionally-designed logo to get your branding off the ground quickly

Great value: Buying a brandable domain from Novanym gets you a creative, high quality business name …without an expensive agency

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