Creative company names are all around us

It’s hard to think of a highly successful business brand that’s conventional or descriptive: names like Google, Rolex, Skype, Vimeo or Twitter are hardly ‘traditional’ names. Creativity is now what the world expects, and what customers respond to.

A creative brand name reflects the business it represents. If a business is all about imagination, innovation, fresh-thinking or style and design, its name should reflect this.

Novanym can help you to find a name that reflects the creativity of your business.

What is Novanym?

  • Creative company names …without a branding agency
  • Ready-made brand names created by branding experts
  • Exact-match .com domain and a choice of logos included with every name
  • With an easy one-off purchase, your company is named and branded
  • Your .com domain is ready to use for your website and email address

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Browse our collection of creative business names – designed for confident, forward-looking companies looking for a brand name that’s original and out of the ordinary. After all, if your business is all about creativity, you’ll want a name that reflects this. When you find a name you like, with a few clicks it’s yours. And every name comes with a perfect .com domain, as well as a beautifully-designed logo.

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What makes a name 'creative'?

How do you define a creative business name? What sets it apart from the bland, unimaginative or generic? Novanym’s branding experts have many years of experience in developing brands and brand names - they know what makes a great business name - and what it takes to make them creative.

The first rule of creative names is: There are no rules. Creative names disobey the normal rules of spelling and the conventional rules that define what a ‘normal’ name is. Everything goes, as long as your name can be easily read and remembered.

Creative name ideas don’t simply explain or describe what a business does; instead they cleverly evoke an emotion or a sense of focus; they convey character and personality; and - like the humans behind the businesses - they are individual and distinctive.

They don’t try to blend in - they have impact. They’re brave and confident, not shy.

Creative business names don’t follow the herd. If a business sector is full of one type of name; they go for the opposite. A branding guru once wrote: If everyone else zigs; you should zag.

Being creative means being original. Creative names are often invented: you won’t find them in a dictionary.

The .com is the world’s favourite domain. In branding terms, it’s the only domain that matters.

Created by branding experts. Creative names are developed by creative people, not by robots or spreadsheets.

Think ‘brand’, not ‘bland’. Safe choices tend to be functional and descriptive. Names like that don’t become brands.

Creativity …without an agency. It’s easy with Novanym. Find a great name and you’re ready to go. All without an agency.

Don't be a copycat. Choosing a name that's unusual for your sector will help your business stand out and get noticed. 

What does ‘creative business name’ mean to you?

‘Creative’ is a big word - it means different things to different people.

A design company might think of creative as meaning artistic, stylish, original and expressive. Whereas a consultancy might think it offers creative solutions to its clients by being imaginative, clever and ingenious. Blue-sky thinking is creative, too. Similarly, technology-focused companies might describe their products or approach as innovative, imaginative or original. They would, quite rightly, consider this as being creative.

The word creative can cover all of these things. That’s why our collection of business brand names is so varied. You’ll find names that are short and hi-tech; quirky and playful; or thought-provoking and cerebral. What they have in common is that they are all names that could resonate with a business that’s looking for a dash of creativity.

And remember, every one of these names comes with a choice of suitably inventive logo designs and an exact-match .com domain.

Successful brand names start with a perfect .com

In today’s global marketplace, simply being creative isn’t enough. A name won’t become a successful brand without the .com domain. That’s why business people and entrepreneurs consider a .com domain as essential for establishing credibility and building a brand.

At Novanym, we only sell names that come with .com domains. The .com domain tells the world that your company is the only one that matters - even if another company uses the same name now or in the future. In short, the .com helps to secure your brand name.

And the availability of the .com is a strong indication that a name is rare. This is brilliant for getting found online, and makes the name easier to trademark, too.

Startups: don't paint your brand into a corner

Startups: don't paint your brand into a corner

Every new business needs a name, but choosing a name that will stand the test of time is can be tough – especially if you make the mistake of trying to second-guess what the business will be in the future. But with a dash of imagination – and confidence – this sticky situation can be avoided. 
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Naming a startup? Rebranding? Focus on the 'ownable' ...not the unique.

Naming a startup? Rebranding? Focus on the 'ownable' ...not the unique.

Searching for a completely 'unique' won't be the best approach for all companies, but 'owning' a name by owning the .com domain is NEVER going to be a bad idea ...for any business.
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Company names: what separates the best from the rest?

Company names: what separates the best from the rest?

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