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How Novanym’s intelligent company name generator works

Novanym’s business name generator has the human touch. It doesn’t rely on AI.

Instead, it combines a clever systems algorithm with real branding experience and expertise to generate distinctive and evocative business name ideas, just for you. A robot can’t do that.

Using our name generator is easy:

  • Enter a single keyword that best describes your business
  • Tell us what sector or industry you are in
  • Select the style of name you’re looking for
  • We’ll do the rest

We’re branding experts and we know a good name when we see it. So when we generate a business name it’s carefully designed to be a brand name - not just a set of letters combined by a spreadsheet, and not just random keywords sandwiched together.

Professional, creative branding without the hassle and cost of an agency

Novanym generates names that are unique, evocative and memorable - names for humans, not robots

You could be just a few clicks away from your new business name

Every name is available to buy with an exact match .com domain

You can even choose from 3 high quality original logo designs

Here are the name options we've generated for you.

Every name is available to buy with an exact-match .com domain and choice of three logo designs.

What makes a great company name idea?

There are several qualities that go into making a successful brand name:

  • They’re easy to spell and say – and this makes them easy to remember
  • They avoid being descriptive and bland, and instead generate feelings – this helps customers to connect with a brand
  • They focus on originality, because it’s a bad idea to follow the herd. Companies that blend in tend to get ignored

And finally, a strong company name idea is one that’s available with a perfect .com domain – essential for building a brand with long term value.

Find the right name for your business concept

At Novanym, we spend all of our time generating professional name ideas. It’s all we do. 

So if you have a great business idea or have ambitious plans to develop your company – but have found it difficult to find the right name – then you’ve come to the right place. At Novanym you’ll find hundreds of best-in-class name ideas for every business sector. 

And, vitally, every single Novanym name comes with a no-compromise .com domain, and a logo design. Start browsing for your brilliant new business name now. 

10 great business names that started out meaningless

10 great business names that started out meaningless

When you name a business, shouldn’t the does the name actually mean something? As naming specialists, it’s a big question - one that we get asked all the time. Our answer is always the same: no. Because if your business is successful, over time it your ‘meaningless’ name will come to mean something. It will become synonymous with what you do and the way you do it. It will become a brand name.
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Naming a business should be emotional. And logical.

Naming a business should be emotional. And logical.

Choosing a business name is tough. But when you have your shortlist, a combination of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity - emotion AND logic - will lead you to the correct decision.
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Are online name generators a bit of a joke?

Are online name generators a bit of a joke?

Beware of relying on online name generators that boast of using algorithms and AI to replace human creativity. They might seem like a good idea, but they’re unlikely to produce a business name that delivers on the promise of being truly brandable. If you see the results they create, you might wonder if they're a bit of a joke.
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