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About trademarks and registered names

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Are Novanym names trademarked?

No. It's not possible for us to 'pre-register' the names or logos on our website as trademarks. This is because trademarks can only be registered by the owners of existing businesses, in specific countries or territories, and in relation to specific goods or services.

Therefore you will only be able to apply for trademark registration once you have purchased the domain name from us, and registered your company.

Novanym business names are invented names, created by branding professionals - so, although they can't be registered in advance as trademarks, they are more likely to be accepted for trademark registration than generic, descriptive business names.

What about the registration of my company name?

Novanym sells trading names and domain names – not registered company names. You will have to register the business name with your regional/local authorities with your own personal and business details - it's not something we can do for you. 

What's the difference between a Registered Trademark and a registered company name?

Registering your name as a trademark gives you exclusive rights to the use of your name, and can prevent anyone else from using it. These rights are legally protected.

The registration of your company or business name, however, is simply a legal obligation and allows you to trade legally, issue invoices ...and pay taxes. 

Although it can provide valuable protection, registering a trademark can be a time-consuming and costly exercise, and many businesses will not need this level of protection.

What is a registered company or business name?

A registered name is the full, formal name of a legal entity, and is very different from a trading name or brand name. For example, in the UK, there are over 250 limited companies registered with variants of the name 'Amazon', which doesn't seem to bother the online retail giant! Incidentally, Amazon itself is registered as ' U.K. Limited', not 'Amazon Limited'.

I've found a name I like with Novanym. What do I do next?

Once you've found a business name you like, you can check the availability of the full company name that you want to register on your country's corporate registry website. (In the UK this is Companies House, and in the US every state has its own corporate registry.) Registering the formal business name is usually straightforward.

What if there's already a business that uses the name I have chosen as a registered business name?

Even if a company is already registered with your new brand name - or a name similar to it - it's easy and common to make your formal, registered name unique by adding a 'qualifier' word to your full legal name that's specific to your business - like 'Food Service' or 'Pharmaceuticals' or more general ones, like 'Management', 'Marketing' or 'International'.

The authorities will have to approve your full, formal name to ensure that it is clearly distinct from any other, similar name in your sector. So check with them if you are in any doubt.

What if the name I have chosen is already registered as a trademark?

A trademark only offers protection in specific countries or territories, and in relation to specific goods or services. So it might not be relevant if your chosen name (or something similar to it) is already registered as a trademark.

For example, your chosen name could be registered by another company as a trademark in the UK, for the provision of Computer Services, but your business is in the United States and related to Carpet Making, so the registration is not relevant.

If in doubt, you should consult with a Trademark Attorney.


For more information on trademarks and how these affect your Novanym purchase, visit our trademark guide.

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