About Novanym

How does Novanym work?

What types of name will I find on Novanym?

What’s so great about a .com domain?

Can I sell my domain with Novanym?

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Buying a name from Novanym

What do I get for my money?

How is the price calculated?

What happens after I’ve made my purchase?

What payment methods are accepted?

What currency does Novanym use?

Are there any ongoing charges from Novanym?

Can I change my mind?

Pay monthly with Lease to Own - how does it work?

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Domain transfers

What happens after I’ve made my purchase?

What happens next?

What do I need to do?

How long does the transfer take?

How much does it cost?

What is a domain name registrar?

Which domain name registrar should I use?

What about my website?

How do I link my domain to my website and set up email addresses?

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What do I get with my purchase?

How do I choose the logo option I want?

Are there any ongoing charges or fees?

How do I receive the logos?

What formats of logo will I receive?

Can you edit or change the logo design for me?

Are they original designs?

Will I own the copyright?

What do I do if I’ve seen one of the logo designs somewhere else?

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Names and Trademarks

Are Novanym names trademarked?

What if a name I have chosen is already registered as a trademark?

Can I trademark a name after I have bought it from Novanym?

What's the difference between a registered trademark and a registered company name?

Are Novanym names registered company names?

What is a registered company or business name?

I've found a name I like - what do I do next?

What if a business has already registered the name I have chosen?

Trademark, copyright, registered name and brand - what's the difference? 

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about buying a domain from Novanym, feel free to get in touch:


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