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Effective company branding starts with a perfect .com

Whether you are a graphic design studio, an interior designer, a web design specialist, or any other kind of design practice, creating a great first impression with the right name is vital. 

The right name sends important signals about a business and has the confidence to stand out from the crowd. This is the difference between an ordinary business name, and a name with real brand potential.

And in today’s digital world, a premium-quality .com domain is a must-have and a great investment too.

The Novanym concept

  • It’s a smarter way to name your business
  • A selection of premium business names developed by branding experts
  • Over 150 names created with the design industries in mind
  • All names come with the authority of an exact-match .com domain 
  • Every name comes with a choice of original logo designs in a range of formats, including editable vector files
  • It’s a fast, pragmatic brand name design solution

Our collection of design company names

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Find Your New Design Company Name Today

Brand your design studio with a perfect .com domain

For a design-focused business, perhaps more than any other, a well-considered brand name is vital. You want a name that helps to communicate a dash of creativity, and differentiates you from competitors. But you also need a name that expresses the unique personality of your company. Below you’ll find a list of clever and creative names that will help to deliver character, style and originality. And every name comes with an exact-match .com domain name.

Try our design name generator

Our design company name generator is designed to create a list of creative .com name options

Names developed for the design sector

Like most successful brand names, all of the names you’ll find within our design business names collection are invented, not descriptive or literal. Original names like this have character, which makes them more effective as brand names

Our design company name ideas span the creative sectors.

  • Contemporary names with a tech-feel; ideal for companies that design for the digital world
  • Exciting names for fashion and textile design agencies
  • Stylish names inspired by the world of interior design

  • Technical-sounding names for industrial and product design studios
  • Innovative, dynamic names for film and animation businesses
  • Clever names for graphics and identity specialists

Professional branding for your design business

Finding your design name is easy

Browse our selection of names. Choose one that works for your business. Buy online right away. It’s that simple.

Quality names with a human touch

Our names are developed by branding creatives, not generated by an algorithm, or trawled from a spreadsheet. 

Serious brand potential

You won’t find our design-focused names in a dictionary. Invented names like this have the ability to become brand names.

The best names start with a perfect .com

The .com is the world’s number one domain, so you’ll only find no-compromise .com domains on Novanym.

All domains are owned by Novanym

Because there are no third-parties to deal with, the domain transfer is easy, quick and guaranteed.

All logos are original designs

Every one of our logos has been made in-house by Novanym’s creative branding designers.

The design name checklist

There are several objectives when choosing a name for your design business:

  • A quirky name that focuses on originality and really delivers on creativity
  • A bold name that will stand out in the fast-moving designer sector
  • An invented name that avoids obvious, familiar keywords
  • A conceptual name with an underlying cleverness
  • A creative name that’s distinctive, but avoids being gimmicky
  • A smart, intelligent name that sends subtle messages
  • A confident name that helps to communicate your company’s personality
  • A ‘domain-first’ name that protects the brand with an exact-match .com 

Names designed for design businesses

Our design-focused names are designed to communicate the creativity and inventiveness that your customers expect from you. And because we avoid the obvious, you won’t find keyword-derived names at Novanym. But you will find a wide range of names designed for businesses across the creative industry:

  • Industrial and product design teams
  • Interior designers and space planners
  • Web designers and UX/UI specialists
  • Graphic design studios and identity designers
  • Textiles and fashion designers
  • Animation design and motion graphics studios

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