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Even the biggest global brands started life as small businesses. So if you have big plans for your small business, you need to get the branding right. And that starts with the company name.

When you’re starting your business, why not plan for success? Imagine how your small company might grow and change – it could develop into a major player in the future, so make sure your branding measures up from day one.

Investing in the name and brand now will save time and money re-branding in the future - and support you in your journey to success.

Just because your business is small, this doesn’t mean it has to look small. To create that ‘big brand’ feel, you’ll need:

  • A short, distinctive business name
  • A smart, simple logo
  • Consistent visual branding, online and offline
  • An exact-match .com domain name for your website and email

With excellent website builders like Squarespace, Wix and Shopify – and helpful tools on all of the major social media channels – it’s relatively easy to create a professional online presence. But finding a name for your small business - and one that has a perfect .com domain - can be a challenge.

That’s where Novanym comes in: our branding experts have developed hundreds of smart, professional .com domains that can be used as names for businesses both small and large. They even come with a choice of logo designs. With one simple purchase your small business can be named, branded, and ready to go.

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