The best HR & Recruitment company names available


The value of a well-chosen name for a HR business or Recruitment agency

Whether you’re an Human Resources consultancy or a Recruitment agency, your company name is much more than a label. 

A well-appointed business name can convey credibility and authority; it can project personality and character - without being blandly descriptive or over-literal. And, in today’s online world, it must have an exact-match .com domain, too. 

When you get the combination of attributes right, you’ve found yourself a name with the potential to become a brand name

What is Novanym?

  • Novanym is the smart way to name your HR or Recruitment business
  • A selection of quality business names developed by skilled branding specialists
  • Over 150 names designed with the HR and Recruitment sectors in mind
  • All names come with the power and credibility of an exact-match .com domain 
  • Every name comes with a choice of original logo designs
  • It’s a high-quality branding solution, without an agency

Our collection of HR & Recruitment business names

The Best HR & Recruitment Company Name Suggestions Available

Name your HR or recruitment agency with a perfect .com

Whether you are a recruitment agency or HR company, or a service provider to the sector - like an HR system developer - we can help you to find a smart and distinctive company name.  A strong brand name is vital for any business looking to succeed in a competitive and fast-moving people-based business sector where getting noticed, remembered - and found online - is crucial. Each of our human resources and recruitment company name ideas comes with a .com domain that turns a great business name into a powerful brand name.

Try our HR & Recruitment company name generator

Our name generator is designed to create a list of smart .com business name options based on your criteria

What makes a great recruitment agency name?

When you’re considering catchy names for a recruitment agency, how do you decide which is the right one to go for? 

Recruitment company names should be memorable and distinctive: in a competitive marketplace, you don’t want to blend in …or be so bland that you get forgotten. 

So an invented name will be more effective than a ‘safe’ descriptive name that’s just made from generic keywords.

Your business is about people: their skills, experience and abilities. So a suggestion of the human side of your business could work well. But it’s also about your role in searching and finding excellent candidates - so your name could also reflect this.

Even an invented name that seems ‘meaningless’ can say a lot with its style and tone - so recruitment company names, or placement agency names, should convey professionalism and credibility to reflect their business-to-business nature.


When searching for human resources company name ideas, you have many factors to consider. Making the right choice can play a part in your success.

HR company names can reflect their focus on people by having an approachable style and a bit of personality and character. Creative, clever names for recruitment businesses can work very well. But in some sectors, a more business-like approach could be more effective. 

HR consultancy and executive search names should focus on conveying intelligence and credibility - so a more corporate style of name might be a smart choice.

But if you’re hunting for HR system names, you shouldn’t be afraid to reflect the use of technology with a more cutting-edge style of name.

Professional branding for HR companies and Recruitment agencies

Finding your HR or Recruitment company name is easy. Browse our selection of names. Choose one that works for your business. Buy online right away. It’s that simple.

Great names with a human touch. Our names are developed by branding professionals, not generated randomly by an algorithm or selected from a spreadsheet. 

Genuine brand potential. Our Human Resources and Recruitment company names are invented, not dictionary words. This means they have the potential to become brand names.

A great name starts with a perfect .com. The .com is the world’s number one domain, which is why you’ll only find exact-match .com domains on Novanym.

Every .com domain is owned by Novanym. This means there are no third-parties to deal with – and the domain transfer is simple, quick and guaranteed.

All of our logos are original designs. Every one of our logos has been designed in-house by Novanym’s creative branding experts.

Naming a business should be emotional. And logical.

Naming a business should be emotional. And logical.

Choosing a business name is tough. But when you have your shortlist, a combination of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity - emotion AND logic - will lead you to the correct decision.
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Naming a startup? Rebranding? Focus on the 'ownable' ...not the unique.

Naming a startup? Rebranding? Focus on the 'ownable' ...not the unique.

Searching for a completely 'unique' won't be the best approach for all companies, but 'owning' a name by owning the .com domain is NEVER going to be a bad idea ...for any business.
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Company naming is an emotional business

Company naming is an emotional business

I just came across this wonderful post by Leah Bridge at It perfectly sums up the emotional criteria that people should set themselves when choosing a company name. No descriptive words. No telling people what you do. And no keywords. Branding is a human thing It's a concise and eloquent reminder that your clients are human. A fact business owners should bear in mind when choosing a name! 
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