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Welcome to Novanym. We have more than 1,500 .com domain names for sale. But these aren’t ordinary domains - these are memorable, distinctive domains that can be used as business names.

We’re branding experts, so we understand that naming a business isn’t easy. You want a business name that’s more than functional, descriptive and bland - you want a name with character and style; a name that can become a brand name.

And, of course, you also want that name to come with an exact match .com domain. It’s a rare combination.

Buy a domain name that could become a great brand name

This is where Novanym comes in. We’ve developed hundreds of great business names - and each name is available to buy with a matching .com domain, plus a choice of professional logo designs.

These are invented names that are stylish and evocative - just like brand names should be. They’re easy to say and spell, so they’re memorable, too. The .com domain adds credibility and authority. And the fact that the .com is available is also a good indication that the name isn’t already being used by a large business. 

Novanym is much more than a brilliant domain names list - it’s the smart way to name a business.

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Buy a professional .com domain name for your business today. Browse hundreds of the best company domain names available - developed by branding experts and ready to buy right away. Name your business with a perfect .com domain.

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Every business is different.

So our collection of website domains for sale is organised into collections to help you find the domain name that’s best for you and your business.

Go digital!

If you’re looking for a hi-tech domain name that reflects the cutting-edge nature of your business, or a name that focuses on forward-thinking technology, start here:

Digital-style domains >

Domains that mean business

If you're looking for a name that’s contemporary, but business-like – a smart, professional-sounding name that would feel at home in the city – then take a look here:

Corporate names >

Domains with attitude

If you want your name to break the rules and create impact (and you’re also feeling brave), a super-short, invented domain name might be just right for you:

5 & 6 letter domains >

6 tips for buying a domain for your business

The shorter, the better - think in terms of syllables, not just letters. 

Make sure it’s easy to say and spell - even when you break the rules of conventional spelling

Be evocative, not literal or descriptive - give a sense of what your business does, or how it does it

Avoid bland keyword combinations - generic words are used by everyone ...and make for bland names

Completely invented names are best - they’re better for SEO and easier to trademark

Don’t copy everyone else - you want to stand out and get noticed, not blend in

Buy a domain name of quality - invest in your brand

When you purchase a domain name, you’re doing much more than simply buying the address for your website and emails. You’re investing in your business. 

A no-compromise .com domain establishes credibility from day one - with investors, employees and customers alike.

A .com domain protects your brand - it’s unique and it’s global. No other business can ever use your domain.

The .com is the world’s default domain - it helps your name get noticed and get remembered.

Why the .com is still King of the Domains

Why the .com is still King of the Domains

So with so many options open to you,  the .com is still King of the Domains. 
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How to name your business – and create a brand

How to name your business – and create a brand

A name is an important component in the foundations of a brand. And although creating a name for your own business is hard, it's incredibly rewarding if you pull it off. Here's some advice on how to create a naming brief, generate ideas, and then identify the winner.
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5 reasons why invented business names are a good call

5 reasons why invented business names are a good call

Invented business names are the best option if you want your business name to become a brand name.
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