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It starts with getting the thinking right

Whether you’re setting up a management consultancy, building an advisory firm, or you're a freelance specialist consultant, standing out from the crowd really matters - especially online. But this isn’t about being gimmicky or following naming trends.

You want a company name that sets a smart, intelligent tone; a name that suggests the expertise and insight that you deliver to your clients and business partners. And ideally you want the name to be unique, or certainly distinctive, in order to convey the uniqueness and fresh thinking of your advice.

But more than anything, you want to convey the credibility and authority that you’d expect from an expert in your field.

The domain-first branding strategy

Nothing conveys gravitas and trust like a .com domain. You don’t compromise with the services you provide to your clients, and you shouldn’t compromise with your domain.

This is where Novanym comes in. We’ve created hundreds of ready-made, business-like names - and we make sure each comes with an exact-match .com domain. 

Owning the .com domain tells the world that your business is the primary business with that name, even if there are other companies using the same or similar name.

Smart branding starts with the perfect .com.

Our collection of consulting business names

The Ultimate List of Consulting Business Names

Browse our consulting company name ideas, find the right name for you and your business, and in no time at all it’s yours. Every name has been created with professional organisations in mind, and comes with a smart .com domain to match, as well as a choice of creative logo designs. To add value to your business, find your consultancy name with Novanym.
563 names

Try our consulting name generator today

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Novanym is the smart way to name your business

Professional business names, developed by creative branding experts

Names come with an exact-match .com domain and a choice of logos

Your .com domain is ready to use for your website address and email

Smart, business-focused branding …without an agency

With one easy purchase, your consultancy is named and branded

The consulting business name checklist

When choosing a name, there are factors that are very particular to a consulting firm. These include:

  • A smart name that helps to convey your expertise and strategic thinking
  • An intelligent name that suggests what you do, but without being blandly generic

  • A distinctive, creative name - but one that avoids gimmicks
  • A confident name that will stand out in your marketplace
  • A stylish name that helps to communicate your corporate personality and style of doing business

  • An invented name that sends subtle messages
  • A serious name that conveys intelligence, authority and credibility
  • An original name that protects the brand with a no-compromise .com domain

Names for all types of consultancies

Our names are designed to be flexible, which makes them an ideal choice for companies that pivot, or need to appeal to a broad range of clients with different requirements.

So you won’t find obvious, keyword-derived names at Novanym. Instead, you’ll find names that would suit all kind of consulting firms, including:

  • Management consultancies
  • Business and financial advisory groups
  • Technical advisers
  • HR, training and recruitment consultancy firms
  • Creative, PR and marketing consultants
  • IT, online and data specialists

Smart branding, without an agency

Browse our collection of consulting company names. Find one that works for your business and buy online right away. Professional naming is easy with Novanym. 

An emphasis on uniqueness

Our consulting company name ideas are not generic, and never bland. They’re invented names, designed to be distinctive, with the potential to become brands.

Created by branding experts

Our business-focused names are developed by experienced branding professionals, not by robots. This gives them the human touch, and helps to build brand engagement.

A choice of three logo designs

All of our logos are created in-house by Novanym, and are designed to convey the professionalism of your consultancy firm.

It simply has to be the .com

The .com is still the world’s favourite domain, and it’s the only one that really matters. That’s why you’ll only find no-compromise .com domains on Novanym.

Fast, efficient domain transfer

Every domain on the Novanym website is owned by us. So there are no third-parties to deal with, no hassle, and no delays. This makes the domain transfer safe, easy, and quick.

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