Is your strapline better than your business name?

Is your strapline better than your business name?

Many companies use a strapline - a short phrase underneath the logo. When straplines are good, they fill in some gaps or convey something extra about the business, such as its personality or approach. When they're bad, they're just a statement of the obvious or a repetition of the business name.

But sometimes, they're so good, they reveal something about the company name itself.

Yesterday, I followed a large white van into work. The logo told me that the company was Reliable Demolition. (In the traditions of undercover journalism, I've changed the first part of the actual name to respect privacy!) All very well and good. But would you want a demolition business that wasn't reliable?

Underneath the logo was the strapline 'Down to Earth Demolition'. That really caught my attention, because it made me smile. What a great, engaging way to describe the razing of a building.

Wouldn't 'Down To Earth Demolition' be a better name for the business than 'Reliable Demolition'?

Of course, there may be a reason why the business is called 'Reliable', and there may be a good reason why they can't be called 'Down To Earth' (has a smart competitor already used this?).

But my point is that the strapline engaged me. It created some differentiation and conveyed a bit of personality which the construction brand name had not. It's quite telling - because their company name did none of those things.

The name of your business is important. If at all possible, don't make it bland.

Any questions?

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