Why buy a name from Novanym?

What's so great about owning a .com domain?

The .com is the world's default web address. Everyone from a teenager to a grandmother will instantly know what it means. Even though there are now hundreds of TLDs (top level domains) available - like .london, .pizza or even .ninja - by some quirk of world wide web history, there's nothing quite like a .com!

Dot com domains have prestige, provide reassurance, and assert authority in a marketplace; so there's no better way of saying 'I own this business name' than owning its .com domain.

Like it or not, serious businesses always have their own .com address.

What makes a good brand name?

Brand names are easy to say and to spell, and they help a business to differentiate itself from its competitors. Effective brand names evoke thoughts, feelings and emotions - they don't describe things accurately, but they give hints and suggestions. 

Brand names are often 'invented', so they are rarely found in a dictionary. Names like this are easier to protect as trademarks - because descriptive names that use common or generic words cannot be registered as trademarks.

What makes a Novanym name?

We pride ourselves on developing names that are natural-sounding, business-like, and with broad appeal. We don't rely on fancy gimmicks, there are no awkward compromises, and very little funny stuff ...just proper names for real businesses in the real world.

Each of our names has been designed to become a brand name. That means that they have been carefully chosen or created to be memorable and distinctive.  They are not designed to be functional and literal - so you won't find a name in our collection that simply describes a business. Descriptive names never become brand names.

Our process for developing new names is a combination of art, science, and decades of experience. We've been naming and branding businesses for a long time, and we know a great brand name when we see it.

Are all Novanym business names unique?

Aiming for complete uniqueness is unrealistic, and for most businesses not necessary. So it's possible that there are businesses somewhere with the same name as some of ours ...it's a great big world out there! Even if our names are unique today, someone, somewhere might use the name some time in the future. It's not something that we can control. So we can't guarantee uniqueness. But we can guarantee that our names are distinctive and full of character - and that no other business owns the .com domain associated with the name.

With the .com address, your name will be the primary name. Of course, the availability of a '.com' domain is a pretty good indicator of the 'rarity' of a name, if not its uniqueness. A quick search-engine search will usually tell you how unusual a name is. However, uniqueness isn't everything. On the contrary, a degree of comfort and familiarity with a business name is almost always a good thing: strange/funky/gimmicky names can be good fun, but are not always very business-like, and don't provide the quiet reassurance that most businesses want to convey.

Any questions?

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