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How to find a brilliant name for your business

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Need a new name for your company? Here are six factors to consider before making that vital decision...

1. You need a name that sounds good. When you say the name out loud, how does it sound? Is it obvious how you say it? Does it sound quirky …or even slightly embarrassing? A company name should be distinctive, but it should also sound credible.

2. You need a future-proof company name. Few startups can predict the future twists and turns their business will take, so don’t choose a descriptive, keyword-derived name that paints you into a corner from day one.

3. You need a short name. Single-word company names with short domains are easier to remember than long ones, and are practical for an online world. Don’t make typing your domain name and email address hard work for customers.

4. You need a name that avoids the obvious. Using familiar words in your name probably means another business in your sector will have the same (or similar) name. As well as potentially causing confusion or conflict, generic names miss an opportunity to build a distinctive brand.

5. You need an exact-match .com domain. Whatever your company does, a great web address is important. As well as providing brand authority, a no-compromise .com domain will make it easier for customers to find you online.

6. You need a company name that feels right. You don’t need to explain why you’ve chosen a name - it's your business! So, as long as it sits comfortably in the context of your market, “It just feels right” is a good enough reason for choosing a name. Ditch cold logic, and go with your heart.

If you need a name that meets the above criteria, a great place to start is to go through our collection of great business names - all available with exact-match .com domain names.

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