How to find a name with Novanym

How to find a name with Novanym

Finding a great business name isn't easy - especially if you want the .com domain that gives it brand authority.

Novanym can help.

We're experienced branding specialists and we've created a selection of business names that are designed to be effective brand names. Most importantly, they come with a perfect .com domain, giving them even more brand authority.

We know that naming your business is both personal and subjective - not everyone likes the same names.

So how do you go about finding a name that's right for you and your business using Novanym?

Browse our entire collection

We have more than 1,000 names, so it will take a few minutes to browse through our entire collection, but it's probably the best way to start. You won't like all the names you see, but some will catch your attention and will feel like a good fit for your business.

Click on the image of the logo and you can read a little more about the thinking behind the name, and see the three logo design options.

      Refine your search

      Once you've selected 'Browse our collection' you'll see that we have organised our names into broad Categories, so you can focus your search on one or two specific business sectors.

      These categories are meant as a guide, not a strict rule. So they are deliberately quite broad - so you might want to look under a few different categories.

      You can even choose to view our business names by style, rather than by business sector. You can view all short 5- and 6-letter names, Clever & Corporate names, Classic & Traditional names, Cutting-edge & Digital names, Dynamic & Positive names, Stylish & Elegant names, Technical & Logicial names and Quirky & Creative names.

      If you're working to a budget, you can use the Sort by price dropdown menu.

      You can also sort the names into alphabetical order, or view our most recently added names first.

        Use the SmartSearch function

        You can use our SmartSearch™ function at the very top right hand corner of every page. Just enter a single keyword - like 'Software', 'Recruitment' or 'Gold' - and let us do the rest.

        As you type in your keyword, you'll be shown suggestions that might help. 

        Try our business name generator

        You can also use Novanym’s business name generator, which combines a clever systems algorithm with real branding experience and expertise to generate distinctive and evocative business name ideas for you. 

        Build your own shortlist

        If a name catches your eye, click on the ♡ icon when you hover over it, and it will be added to your Shortlist.

        Click on the ♡ Shortlist link at the very top of any page to review your shortlist and share it with friends and colleagues.



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