How to pick a winner from your Company Name Shortlist

How to pick a winner from your Company Name Shortlist

After the Big Idea, one of the first things on your To Do list is finding a name for your business...

Instinctively, you know that it’s important …and you want to get it right. A great name could make all the difference, but a terrible name could kill your business.

So you’ve brainstormed. You’ve brainstormed with the help of coffee. And beer. You’ve struggled and sweated over it, and you’ve read online tips and used generators …and now you have a shortlist of potential business names. But it's quite a long shortlist.

Which name is The One? Which is the mistake you’ll live to regret?

I've developed a 12-question filter that will help you to filter out the potential mistakes and misjudgements ...and should leave you with a business name that’s a surefire winner.

Check it out on StartupDonut.


Further reading:

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