Location, giration, rotation

Location, giration, rotation

OK, so the name 'Divvy' might not translate so well this side of the pond, but what a fantastic, streetwise identity for Chicago's bicycle share programme this is.

Brand engagement built-in

The design is a collaboration between IDEO and Firebelly, and uses the double-V motif to brilliant effect to represent both location and forward motion.

In London our share scheme cycles are known colloquially as 'Boris bikes', named after the former London Mayor. But the bikes themselves are plastered with sponsors' branding - currently Barclays bank. This means the bike scheme has no discernible identity of its own, which in turn makes them hard to love – especially if you're no fan of Boris Johnson.

But in Chicago they've developed a name and branding that creates the opportunity for people to really connect with, and maybe even love, the scheme. 


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