A strange name for an estate agent? Good.

A strange name for an estate agent? Good.

Property guru and TV presenter Sarah Beeney owns online estate agency Tepilo.com, which is pitched as a contemporary alternative to the traditional UK estate agency. (Amen to that.)

Tepilo is the name of an imaginary castle, described by Sarah’s father in stories he told her as a child, which is rather touching, has the perfect 'your-home-is-your-castle' metaphor …and is as good a rationale for naming a company as any.

So the name is very personal to Sarah, even if its meaning will be unknown to most.
For me, its real strength is that Tepilo is such an unusual name for an property agency; it’s not what you expect. And from a brand perspective this is especially effective because it isn’t like other agencies; happily, this real estate company name is catchy and easy to remember.

Where brands are concerned, 'meaning' can be over-rated

Few of the company’s potential customers will be aware of why it’s called Tepilo, and even if they think it’s strange then that’s a whole lot better than a forgettable name that sounds like a version of other players in the marketplace. (This is why invented names like this are often referred to as 'brandable business names'.)

It’s a great example to startups everywhere; if you really ARE different, make sure you LOOK different too. And that starts with your company name.

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