The definition of a brandable domain

The definition of a brandable domain

One of the challenges faced by 'brandable domain' and 'brandable business name' specialists like Novanym is that most people don't know what the heck brandable means.

So here's our go at a definition...

'Brandable' is used to describe a domain name that's been created and registered, but is not yet used to name and brand a company. In other words, they're business names waiting to be adopted by a business. (As far as we can tell, the word brandable came about because nobody knew what else to call them.)

They turn the branding process around 180º by starting with the domain and working back, and they offer the potential of an affordable shortcut to finding that elusive great new name. But, as with any marketplace, there are good (sometimes great) brandable domains, and also plenty of not-so-good ones. Authorative and businesslike? Techie and futuristic? Gimmicky and funky? need to find a provider that sells the types of names you feel comfortable with.

Brandable domains deliver brand authority

It's useful to understand the difference between 'keyword domains' names (like and brandable domains. And the difference is pretty stark: you can't build a brand out of a keyword domain; all you can do is get some clicks to a website, assuming you can outwit Google of course.

But you CAN build a brand out of a good brandable domain. (The clue's in the name.)

Any questions?

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