Naming a startup? Rebranding? Focus on the 'ownable' ...not the unique.

Naming a startup? Rebranding? Focus on the 'ownable' ...not the unique.

Your business does things its own way; it’s not quite like other businesses.

So it's natural to think that it really needs a completely original name. That way, everyone will know that it’s new and that it's a bit different.

Of course, it’s not an easy task to invent a name that nobody in the world uses. But good, creative brainstorming, some reading about name generation techniques – and a lot of luck – might get you there.

By definition, there will need to be something slightly quirky or idiosyncratic about a completely unique business name. On the plus side, this means it should really stand out. You can probably overcome slightly odd spelling. In time, people will learn how to pronounce it. And when they do, they’ll remember it.

The best type of name for your business

If yours is a quirky, left-field business then a quirky, unusual business name is probably the right way to go. But before you start the difficult process of finding a name for your business, take a moment to think about what your business really needs. 

Also, by focusing on creating a totally different, never-before-seen name for your business, you could be overlooking other valuable opportunities.

You can convey a lot with a name that references existing words with existing meanings or references. After all, there’s comfort in familiarity – a business name that sounds dependable and solid can promote confidence and convey authority. And by the way, 'familiar' doesn't mean the name has to be boring.

So wouldn’t it be great if that familiar-sounding name became associated with your business? Wouldn't this give your company a real kickstart, perhaps even some competitive advantage?

Focus on the perfect .com domain

This is achievable ...if you own the perfect .com domain. (‘Perfect’ means that it exactly matches your business name - no compromises, hyphens, add-ons or gimmicks.)

When your business name has a perfect domain, everyone in your marketplace will be gently reminded – at every touchpoint – that you are THE version of that name. Even if there are other companies using the same or similar name, owning the .com domain effectively means YOU own the name – which in turn means you have the opportunity to build a valuable brand. 

Searching for a 'unique' name isn't always going to the best decision, let alone achievable. But 'owning' a name by owning the perfect, no-compromise .com domain is NEVER going to be a bad decision for any business.

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