When names become visual brands

Finding a great name for your business is the first step to building a brand. And company names really come alive when they’re turned into visual brands with a logo, colour palette and graphic styling.

When it’s done right, the nature and character of the business shines through, and here are some examples of some great business names that, with a relatively simple logo, have achieved just that...

The Violeta Bakery brand

Violeta is an Argentinian bakery based in Miami. Starting with a lovely, slightly exotic sounding name, its new identity by Anagrama avoids any South American clichés and strikes that perfect balance between contemporary sophistication, and craft heritage.


Finsta law firm branding

Short and simple, Finsta is the name of a Finnish law firm, and the legal profession is one that must tread carefully when it comes to branding. This confident yet restrained identity, designed by Werklig, conveys something of the firm's uniquely human approach.


Branding for Candela footwear

This identity for NY women's footwear brand Candela conveys the unashamed femininity inherent in the company's products and its proprietor, Gabriel Peruzutti. The work was carried out by multi-disciplinary creative agency RoAndCo.


Pfizer's Zoetis brand

Zoetis is the new name and identity for Pfizer's animal health division, created by multinational agency Lippincott. The logo refers to animals with a clever 'tail' device – but avoids playfulness and retains the professionalised look and feel you'd expect from a global player.


Indian luxury hotels brand, Vivanta

Vivanta is a new brand of luxury hotels in India, and it's a name that captures both liveliness and sophistication. Branding supremos Landor have created this beautifully elegant visual brand, designed to appeal to the connoisseur traveller.


The Alerol brand identity

Anagrama designed this beautiful, subtle identity for oil exploration, drilling, refinement and shipping company Alerol. Featuring an unexpected colour palette, the logo device is an abstract oil drop, and evokes a general feeling of positive energy.

Great brands start with a cool name

Although these examples have been created by leading branding designers, they all demonstrate that, once you have a great name, a simple logo goes a long way to building a distinctive visual brand. It's not easy, but it's not rocket science either.

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