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Construction company names

Construction company names

If you are trying to name your construction business, you have quite a challenge

For a start, it’s a marketplace that’s crowded with businesses that range from small startups and sole traders, to large corporations. It’s further complicated by the nature of the sector - construction companies have many overlapping specialisms and offer a broad range of services.

Descriptive names aren't a smart option

The first hurdle you’ll need to overcome is that many thousands of these businesses compete for the same set of descriptive words. So if you opt for a literal company name - one that accurately describes what you do - it is virtually impossible to identify a name that is distinctive and that will get you noticed and remembered …and help to get you found online. Descriptive names are not a smart option.

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You can't protect a generic brand name

The second issue is that construction companies that have protected their brand names by registering them as trademarks have done so in a wide range of related categories. Your task is therefore even harder if you want to protect your brand by making sure that it’s a registered trademark - because trademarks can only be registered for specific goods or services. 

Same old, same old

And lastly, the construction sector is dominated by business names that reflect the nature of the sector; construction company names tend to be masculine, strong or technical the classics and names built around wild animals or rocks and metals are common!  If you want to stand out and be noticed, be different; be a little brave.

Should you use an eponymous business name?

So, what are your options? You could choose to name your business after yourself, but unless you are lucky to have a name that is very distinctive, short and easy to spell and remember, you risk ending up with a bland and forgettable business name that will never be a brand name.

Creative business names make sense

Find a construction company nameOr you could take a more creative approach. This is what Novanym does. We’re brand-led - which means that we start with the objective of identifying names that have the potential to become brands. All the business names that are available to buy from Novanym are therefore distinctive, memorable, and easy too spell and pronounce. They also come with a perfect single word .com domain, so your website and email addresses are equally memorable and easy to remember and don’t have awkward compromises, add-ons or hyphens. (As a bonus, each comes with a choice of professionally-designed logos, too!)

The business names that are available to buy at Novanym are not descriptive or literal - they are more abstract, suggestive or made-up names - but this means that they are both distinctive and memorable and have the potential to develop into brand names and registered trademarks that will be a tangible asset for a construction business. Our names are brandable names.

Because the business names available to buy from Novanym are creative, or abstract, it doesn’t mean that these names are ‘random’ - you can still find names that convey a sense of solidity, durability or technical know-how. Some names will have an architectural style, or will suggest a location or heritage. Brand-led names can still give a hint as to what your business does - and they can still feel right and appropriate as construction company names, even if they are unique ‘made-up’ names.

We’ve put together a collection of brandable names that we think could work very well as construction company names. Check out our collection and you might find a name for your business that solves your brand naming challenge.



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