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A brilliant, unforgettable brand name

Super-short brand names don't get much better than this. It's an unforgettable combination of all things that make a brand name great - it's distinctive and quirky, full of character and eminently 'ownable'; yet it's rather simple. this makes it easy to say, spell and remember. And - although it's an invented name that won't appear in any dictionary - it somehow suggests the emotive and universal word 'house'. (It does this with such effortless style that it looks like it could well be a Scandinavian word for 'house' - but as far as we know, it isn't!) This name will resonate with any branding-aware business that operates in a business arena that covers houses: from a developer, builder or architect to an interior design specialist or a maker/designer of furniture, fixtures and fittings; even to home security and automation specialists. But equally its versatility will appeal to any confident, creative business. Huuso is, quite simply, superb.

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