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An amazing multi-dimensional business name! 

This is a great name with enormous brand potential. The Hex element clearly suggests a hexagon - so qualities associated with geometry and precision come through strongly. But a hexagon is also a natural phenomenon ...for example, it occurs in honeycombs, so it could also allude to the industriousness of bees or 'hive' and crowdsourcing concepts. "Hex" is also shorthand for hexadecimal - a numbering system based on 16, which is used in computing and colour specification. The real bonus is the '-egic' ending which clearly originates in the word strategic - so intelligence and planning are also contained.

KEYWORDS | H | hex | hexagon | hexagonal | six | 6 | 6-sided | six-sided | polygon | geometry | colour | hexadecimal | strategy | strategic | design | colour | software | IT | tech | technology | creative | consultancy | consultant | business | corporate | consulting | honeycomb | bees | hive |

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