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How to find a business name with Novanym


Finding a great business name isn't easy - especially if you want it to become a brand name.

But we can help.

We're experienced branding specialists and we've created a selection of business names that are unique and memorable, and have character.

They're not literal or functional names that accurately describe what a business does.

But they can still say a lot about a business and they have the potential to become brand names. And, most importantly, they come with a perfect .com domain which gives them even more brand authority.

We know that naming your business is both personal and subjective - not everyone likes the same names - and we don't know anything about your particular business. So how do you go about finding a name that's right for you and your business using Novanym?

There are three ways you can search for name

1. Browse our entire selection

  • Select 'View all names' from our home page and browse our entire collection. We have around 400 names, so it will take a few minutes, but it's probably the best way to start. You won't like all the names you see, but some will catch your attention and will feel like a good fit for your business. 
  • To help you build a list of names to consider, you can use our handy Shortlist function - to build your Shortlist, just click on the heart icon when you hover over a name you like. You can review your shortlist by clicking on the ♥ Shortlist link at the very top of every page on the Novanym website.
  • You might find the perfect name like this. But you could end up with a shortlist of a few names for consideration.
  • Try out your shortlisted names with friends and colleagues. Use Google to search to make sure that the name you're considering (or something very close to it) isn't being used by a competitor. 
  • Finally, we recommend that you trust your instincts: if the name feels right and resonates with you, then make it yours.

2. Use our filters

  • Once you've selected 'View all names' you'll see that on the right hand side, just above the grid of names, there is a box labelled 'FILTER BY'. If you click on this, you'll see that we have organised our names into broad categories.
  • You can choose to look at names organised by price according to your budget, or by business sector. You can even choose to view our 'Collections' which have been grouped together into four styles - Classical, Smart, Digital and Modern.
  • These categories are really meant as a guide not a strict rule. So, for instance, we have grouped together names that we think would work really well for a Software business, or for a business in the Real Estate sector.
  • Look down our list and you'll find one or two suitable categories which might help you narrow down your search.

3. Use the Search function

  • Alternatively, you could try our Search function.
  • Go to the top right hand corner of the home page and type a single 'keyword' into the search box and click on the magnifying glass icon or hit Return.
  • The search will work best if you use quite a broad keyword, rather than a very specific word - so, for example, looking for the word 'financial' will be better than searching for 'auditors'; and 'sport' would be better than 'football'.
  • The search function is also a great start point if you like the idea of using a specific word as part of your name, like 'bridge' or 'wood'. 

Remember, you can add a name to your own Shortlist at any time - just click on the ♥ icon. Your shortlist can be reviewed by clicking on ♥ Shortlist at the very top of the page.

    Good luck with your search!

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