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How does the domain transfer work?

Transferring domain names can seem a little confusing, but don't worry – we're here to help.

  • As soon as we receive payment, the domain will be yours; we just have to transfer the registration of the domain from our provider to yours - so that you can manage the settings for the domain and link it to your website and email.

  • Everything happens in the background, via emails. Your domain name registrar will communicate with us to make sure that we are the registered owners of the domain and that we approve the transfer.

  • Within 24 hours of your purchase, we'll email you an Authorisation Code - your domain name registrar will ask you for this code when you request the transfer.

  • Some registrars have a second level of security - they will ask you to enter another pair of codes to complete the transfer - they email these codes to us and we forward them on to you. 

  • Once the transfer has been approved, it usually takes between 5 and 10 days to complete.

  • When the transfer is complete, you will have full access to the domain settings via your account with your registrar.
If you want know more about domain transfers, check out our guide to transferring your new domain.
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