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The benefits of investing in a great travel business name

The travel sector, more than most, operates very much on an emotional level. After all, travel companies sell experiences - and help people to live their dreams.

In this context a company name is more than a label: it’s the face and voice of the business it represents. If chosen carefully, the name of a travel business will make a positive impact on its target audience.

The right travel names can suggest exploration and discovery, they can help to create customer engagement; and they can deliver reassurance and trust. A distinctive name can send important signals about a business, in a way that a generic, obvious name can’t.

And this is the difference between a second-class name and a business-class brand success.

What is Novanym?

A smarter, contemporary way to name your business

A selection of premium quality names created by branding specialists

Over 100 names developed with the travel sector in mind

All names come with the credibility and power of an exact-match .com domain

Every name comes with a choice of three original logo designs

It’s a professional branding solution, without an agency

Our collection of travel business names

Find A Creative Travel Agency Name Today

Name your travel business with a perfect .com domain

A first class brand image is important for any business looking to go places in the travel sector. Each of our travel-focused business name ideas has been designed to set a positive tone, to stand out in a crowded marketplace, and to convey a spirit of adventure. An effective brand name connects with customers, helps to build loyalty, and sets a company in the direction.

Try our Travel Company Name Generator today

Our travel business name generator will give you a wide range of name options to explore

Names created for the travel sector

Like many of the world’s most famous brand names, all of the names you’ll find within our travel agency names collection are invented - not descriptive or obvious. Original names like this have a distinctive personality, which makes them more effective brand names

Our travel company names list reflects the wide range of businesses that span the holidays, tours and travel sectors.

  • Travel agency names that deliver trust, integrity and reassurance
  • Online travel and app names with a cutting-edge style, perfect for today’s digital world
  • Flights agency names that suggest reliability and expertise
  • Tour company names that convey approachability, and have the human touch

First class branding for your travel agency

Find your travel business name today

Browse our selection of travel-inspired names. Choose one that works for you. Buy online right away. It’s that easy.

Great names with a human touch

Our names are developed by branding professionals, not generated randomly by an algorithm or spreadsheet. 

Real brand potential

Our travel and holiday names are invented, not dictionary words. This means they have the potential to become brand names.

A great travel name starts with a perfect .com

The .com is the world’s number one domain, which is why you’ll only find perfect .com domains on Novanym.

Every domain name is owned by Novanym

This means there are no third-parties to deal with – and the domain transfer is simple, quick and guaranteed.

Original logo designs

Every one of our logos has been created in-house our branding designers. Copyright is transferred to our customers when they purchase a logo and domain.

The travel company name checklist

There are several objectives when choosing a name for your travel business:

  • A confident name that will stand out in the dynamic and competitive travel sector
  • An invented name that hints at the travel and tours sector, but without being obvious
  • A distinctive name that focuses on originality, and avoids generic keywords
  • A positive name that conveys a spirit of adventure and discovery
  • A quirky name that helps to communicate the personality and style of your business
  • An original name that protects the brand with a no-compromise .com domain

Names designed for the travel industry

Our travel names are designed to capture the excitement and adventure that your customers are looking for. But we focus on originality - so you won’t find keyword-derived names at Novanym. Instead, you’ll find unique names that would suit a wide range of organizations, for example:

  • Independent travel agents
  • Online travel agencies
  • Booking systems and technology providers
  • Travel apps and software
  • Flight booking specialists
  • Hotel and concierge services
  • Travel industry service providers

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