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Like many industries, the security and protection sectors are ever more competitive and diverse. So getting your branding right is vital. And this starts with selecting the right name. 

In theory, selecting a familiar-sounding brand name seems like a safe decision – but in practice it’s quite the opposite. Choosing an original, non-descriptive name with style and personality will help you stand out in a busy and competitive marketplace.

We have dozens of fantastic .com business names to choose from - names that have been designed specifically for all types of security companies.

Welcome to the smart way to name your business.

What is Novanym?

  • A wide range of ready-made names with genuine brand potential
  • Every name comes with a no-compromise .com domain and a choice of logos
  • With one easy purchase, your company is named and branded
  • Your .com domain is ready to use for your website and email account
  • Novanym offers professional brand naming - without a branding agency

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Security domain names

Find a powerful security brand name with a matching .com domain

We have security business domains for companies right across the industry. Whether you are a commercial property security provider, cyber security or surveillance technology specialist, you’ll find the perfect match.

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The best security company names available

When you browse through the names in our security business names collection, you’ll see that we don’t offer unimaginative names made from commonly-used keywords. 

Our names are invented and creative, so they avoid being descriptive and obvious – and therefore they’re the opposite of generic. This is vital if you want to stand out from your competitors.

Even if they are sometimes a little unconventional, our names are easy to say and spell.

This makes them easy to remember, which is important for building brand recognition.

The best way to safeguard your brand is to own the .com domain – so every one of our security business names comes with an exact match .com. Safety first: don’t settle for anything less than a .com!

Powerful names for physical security companies

We have a wide range of names that would be a perfect fit for businesses that offer monitoring and surveillance, security patrol services, commercial or domestic alarm systems, CCTV and so on.

Strong, confident names like this sound established from day one, convey trust and authority, and stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Contemporary names for hi-tech security companies

Many of our security-focused names are clearly aimed at the world of online and cyber security services; surely one of the most important industries in our fast-paced digital world. 

These names have the contemporary, hi-tech feel that you’d expect from innovative companies at the cutting edge of technology.

What makes a good security brand name?

When choosing a name for a security company, there are considerations that are very particular to the industry. These might include:

  • An established-sounding name that conveys trust and authority
  • A name that suggests strength and protection, without using obvious keywords
  • A clever, tech-focused name that conveys innovation
  • An invented name that’s more about style than meaning
  • A bold name with the confidence to stand out in the security sector
  • A distinctive name that avoids being quirky or gimmicky
  • A name that protects the brand with a perfect-match .com

Why it’s important to secure the perfect .com domain

It’s all very well finding a great name for your security company - but can you own the .com domain too? This is a big question, and should be taken seriously. After all, a .com domain is essential for establishing authority and building a brand.

At Novanym, we only sell exact-match .com domains with our names. The .com domain tells the world that your company is the only one that matters - even if another company uses the same name now or in the future. In short, the .com secures your brand.

The availability of the .com domain is also a strong indication that a name is rare, and sometimes unique. This is important for getting found online, and makes the name easier to trademark.

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