Real estate business names and domain names are just like physical properties - some are simply more desirable than others. When it comes to finding a name that’s right for you and your property business, it’s not all about function. Quality and style really matters. And your choice is often down to an emotional connection that you can’t really explain. 

The best real estate and property company names have character that makes them likeable and memorable. They are individual, they don’t just copy everyone else. And they’re designed by experts; providing firm foundations for building a valuable brand.


  • Ready-made brand names, created by branding experts
  • Names come with an exact-match .com domain and a choice of logos
  • Your .com domain is ready to use for your website and email address
  • Professional branding …without an agency

Our collection of 313 real estate company names

Real Estate company names

Find your property company name today

Browse our real estate company names list …find a name you like, and in a few clicks it’s yours. Every name has been built with realty and property companies in mind, and comes with a .com domain to match, as well as a beautiful logo design. A great domain name is more than just prime internet real estate - it also helps property company names to get noticed, get remembered and to become a brand.

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Why the .com domain is hot property

With houses and offices, location matters - and the same is true online. The only address worth having is the .com domain. A distinctive, memorable business name with a .com domain to match will add value to any company in the property sector.

A property business name won’t become a successful brand without a .com domain. That’s why today’s business people and entrepreneurs consider a .com domain as a smart, long-term investment.
But .com domains are usually hard to find.

This is where Novanym comes in. We’re branding speclialists. We’ve developed a range of creative business names for real estate companies for you to choose from - and every name comes with a .com domain.

Why choose a brandable domain from Novanym?

Designed to be different

Our real estate company names ideas are not bland or generic - like most successful brands, they’re invented names, designed to be different.

Built by branding experts

Our real estate names are developed by experienced branding professionals, not by robots or spreadsheets.

The .com is the prime location

You’ll only find perfect .com domains on Novanym. The .com is the world’s favourite domain - and in branding terms, it’s the only domain that matters.

Creative solutions …without an agency

Browse our collection of real estate company names. Select your favourite. Buy online. Professional naming is easy with Novanym.

A strange name for an estate agent? Good.

A strange name for an estate agent? Good.

TV presenter and property expert Sarah Beeney’s online-only estate agency is called 'Tepilo'. Bit of an odd name for an estate agent, isn't it?  
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Is a great business name worth the price of a daily coffee?

Is a great business name worth the price of a daily coffee?

If finding the name for your business proves to be more of a challenge than you first thought, you're not going to spend thousands on a name with a perfect domain. Are you?  But isn't a great brandable business name worth the price of a daily coffee?
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Naming a startup? Rebranding? Focus on the 'ownable' ...not the unique.

Naming a startup? Rebranding? Focus on the 'ownable' ...not the unique.

Searching for a completely 'unique' won't be the best approach for all companies, but 'owning' a name by owning the .com domain is NEVER going to be a bad idea ...for any business.
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