The ultimate list of Premium Domain Names

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Welcome to the best premium domains in the world.

What is a premium domain name?

Put simply, a premium domain is a domain name that has already been registered, and has a higher commercial value than a regular domain name - and a higher price tag.

  • They tend to be short (just a few syllables)
  • They’re easy to say and spell, which makes them memorable
  • Some premium domains are dictionary words, or contain keywords, or references to specific sectors
  • The best premium domains don’t have awkward compromises like bolt-on words or hyphens.

Crucially, the very best premium domains are ‘brandable’. 

In other words, you can name your business with a premium domain that has all the qualities of an effective brand name - it's distinctive, memorable and engaging.

It's this 'brandability' that makes a high quality domain a smart business investment.

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  • The best premium domains on the market

    Novanym's branding professionals draw on decades of experience and creativity to develop the highest quality premium domains you’ll find anywhere.

  • The .com is the only premium domain that matters

    It’s the world’s gold standard. That’s why we only sell .com domains, and we don’t think you should settle for anything less.

  • Our premium domains make fantastic business names

    We only create and sell domains that have the potential to become memorable and distinctive business names …and ultimately brand names.

  • Premium domains, fair pricing

    The cost of a premium domain can range from $5,000 to $50,000. But we want to make our domains affordable to the widest possible range of customers, so our prices tend be lower. 

  • Created by branding professionals

    Our premium domains aren't just extracted from a spreadsheet or generated at random - they're developed by creative branding experts and are designed to be used as effective brand names.

Some frequently asked questions

Why do premium domains cost more than normal domains?

Why do the prices vary?

What are the different types of premium domain?

How do you buy a premium domain?

Is it worth investing in a domain name?

How much should I pay for a premium domain?

Is a premium domains always a ‘dot com’ domain?

Reasons to consider buying a premium domain

It’s a great way to name a business

A premium quality .com business domain name provides strong foundations for building a brand.

It’s a sound business investment

If you want to build your business, or think you might sell it one day, a premium .com domain will add real value.

It sends out positive brand messages

A distinctive .com domain name has authority, credibility - and will support your marketing efforts from day one.

Prepare for success with a .com

Secure a .com domain that’s an exact match to your business name - it’s the best way of getting found online.

Why the .com is still King of the Domains

Why the .com is still King of the Domains

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