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Choosing the best media company name

A well-chosen name is important for any business - but it’s particularly important for a media company or social media business.

Media company names should reflect the brand aware sector that they are part of. They should be creative, distinctive and engaging. They should also be professional and business-like; without being dull or generic.

Social media company names have to make an impact. They can break rules, and convey character and personality. Most of all they should get noticed, get remembered …and, of course, get found online.

And any business in social media marketing or that’s looking for names for a digital agency, will recognise the importance of using the .com domain.  A Facebook page name, Instagram username or Twitter handle isn’t enough.

That’s why all of the media company name ideas you’ll find with Novanym are available to buy with an exact-match .com domain, as well as a choice of logo designs.

What is Novanym?

  • We think a brilliant .com domain makes a brilliant business name.
  • So our branding experts have developed a selection of company names that are available to buy with a .com domain.

  • Over 250 names designed for the media and social media sector.
  • Names are original and distinctive, not bland and descriptive.

  • All names come with the brand power of an exact-match .com domain.
  • Every name comes with a choice of original logo designs.

Our collection of Media Company names

Find Your New Media Company Name Today

Name your media or social media business with a perfect .com domain

An effective brand name is vitally important for any media or social media business. That’s why we’ve made it easy to choose a distinctive, brandable business name by developing a selection of names designed for the sector. Each of our media company name ideas comes with the exact-match .com domain that any business in the sector will demand.

Try our Social Media name Generator

Our company name generator is designed to create a list of engaging .com business name options

Finding your media company name is easy. Browse our selection of names. Choose one that works for your business. Buy online right away. It’s that simple.

Try our social media name generator. We’ll show you a selection of fantastic name options based on your input

Great names with a human touch. Our names are developed by branding professionals, not generated randomly by an algorithm or spreadsheet. 

Genuine brand potential. Our media and social media names are invented, not dictionary words. Names like this drive user engagement, and make better brand names.

A great name starts with a perfect .com. The .com is the world’s number one domain, which is why you’ll only find exact-match .com domains on Novanym.

All of our logos are original designs. Every one of our logos has been designed in-house by Novanym’s creative branding experts.

The media company name checklist

There are several objectives when choosing a name for your media or social media business:

  • The name must stand out in the highly competitive digital media sector
  • The name should be original and distinctive, not generic or literal
  • An invented name will make a better brand name
  • Even an apparently ‘meaningless’ name can say a lot about your business
  • A well-chosen name can communicate your company’s personality and style
  • Owning the .com domain is a must - it  protects the brand and conveys authority and credibility

Names designed for today’s media businesses

Our media-focused names are designed to communicate the style and attitude synonymous with the sector. You won’t find generic keyword-derived names. Instead, you’ll find brandable names that would suit a wide range of media organizations, for example:

  • Media companies and agencies
  • Film, TV and broadcast organizations
  • Social media marketing businesses
  • Digital marketing and social networking specialists
  • Communications agencies
  • Media consultancies
  • Copywriters and Consultants

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Is your new business name within your Domain?

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