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A selection of short domain names designed to make great business brand names

short domain names make great business names

Have you ever wondered why most successful brands have short names? 

Although there are exceptions, the names that dominate contemporary life tend to be short - like Apple, Amazon, Google, Uber, Rolex, Kodak, Skype, Spotify, Lenovo.

When it comes to brands, it's generally a case of 'the shorter the better'.

And these brand names have another thing in common - an exact-match .com domain. Having a domain name that's the same as your brand name is a must.

  • Short names are easier to say and remember.
  • They have more character, and are therefore more likeable. (It's why friends of Bartholemew and Josephine might call them Bart and Jo, or indeed why Federal Express and American Express adopt FedEx and Amex.)
  • They are practical too - easy to use as logos, and more easily applied to products and adverts.
  • And finally, they tend to be less specific or descriptive. Being open to interpretation and flexible is a must for businesses that plan to grow and develop.

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5 and 6 letter business names

A selection of 5 and 6 letter brand names that mean business

These short names are distinctive, easy to remember, and convey confidence. Online, they're worth their weight in gold and provide a great boost for launching a new brand. And remember, all Novanym names come with a choice of three logos, designed by creative branding specialists.

The Novanym advantage

Although you might set out to find a nice short business name (with an equally nice short domain) you'll soon find that it's not an easy task. They're very hard to find indeed.

So it makes a lot of sense to look for an available short domain - and to use that as your business name.

However, 5 and 6 letter .com domains that would also make a great business name are also very hard to come by.

They are often hard to pronounce and difficult to spell and remember.

That’s why Novanym’s branding experts have created a selection of superb 5 and 6 letter business names that are available to buy with a .com domain.

These names are not literal or descriptive, but they have the character and style that makes them distinctive and engaging - vital qualities for a brand name.

Crucially, the short brand names listed on Novanym are easy to say and spell, which in turn makes them easy to remember. 

A short name with a matching .com domain: it's a combination that makes a name into a potential brand name.

Find your short domain name generator today

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Just like the great brand names we're all familiar with, the business names you'll find on Novanym aren't literal or descriptive.

They're invented names that are distinctive, evocative and memorable.

They're more than just names - they're designed to become brand names.

Find your short company name - with a short domain to match

Short names are easier to say and remember, and easier to use (short email addresses, for example)

Short names tend to be invented - names like this are easier to register as trademarks

Novanym's selection of 5 and 6 letter names are all designed to be brand names

All names come with an exact-match .com domain which is vital for brand building

Every name comes with a choice of logo designs to help you get your branding off the ground quickly

With one online purchase, your business is named and branded ...and ready to go!

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