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Novanym case study: Habique

Posted on October 30, 2015 by Vince Bridgman

 Habique pre-engineered buildings, windows, doors and glasshouses on tablet

Building design expert James Dickinson came to Novanym looking for a new name to unify and re-brand two businesses: an energy-efficient homes design & build service; and a specialist window systems company. The business provides stunning, beautifully-engineered solutions, in a turn-key package.

James's brief was a company name that alluded to homes, building, design and construction, but would provide flexibility as the business develops. In other words, a future-proof brand name. And James recognised the brand value in owning the perfect .com domain.

A name to build a brand on

So we were thrilled when he chose Habique, because his was exactly the type of company we had in mind when we created the name. It has the creativity and sense of fun that you would want in a creative design company name, as well as forming a great brand name for an architectural company.

A sophisticated, stylish brand name has found the best possible home.

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