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8 brilliant company names (in the real world)

Posted on September 06, 2015 by Vince Bridgman

8 brilliant company names in the real world

We love a good name when we see one

However, to be frank, we don't see all that many. Most businesses, especially startups, seem happy enough to settle with a name that sounds too familiar, fails to distinguish them from competitors, or has a domain name containing keywords or hyphens.

But there are exceptions.

We've featured a few of our personal favourites here. Not the global titans you read and hear about all the time. Regular businesses in the real world. Some small, some bigger, all with great names that fit their business like a glove. (One of them even makes gloves.)


Visit the Persora website

Although persora is the latin name for the company’s location (Pershore in Worcestershire), this warm, evocative name immediately seems to refer to the word ‘persona’. So, given that Persora is an interior design and home furnishings business – with personality and personal taste is at its heart - they could not possibly have chosen a better name.
Visit Persora >


Visit the Critizen website

An engaging, instantly memorable example of a ‘portmanteau’ or ‘blended’ company name - combining two words (critique + citizen) to create something entirely new. This is a perfect name for this clever new app where users can share their opinions, perspectives, and passions, with fellow ‘Critizens’.
Visit Critizen >


Visit the Porterlight website

A fascinating company with a uniquely quirky product: high quality, custom-built ‘cargo’ bicycles. The business is simultaneously steeped in traditional handcrafted values, and utterly contemporary. The name Porterlight conveys these past-and-present qualities brilliantly. Ding dong.
Visit Porterlight >


Visit the Yester Home website

As a rule, I’m not a fan of names that aim to describe what a business does. But as with any rule, there are always brilliant exceptions. And they don’t get better than Yester Home - a name that, without being overly ‘keywordy’ gives you a very strong clue about what the company sells (beautiful period-style fittings).
Visit Yester Home >


Visit the Shelfie website

An amazing (and frankly almost unbelievable) app where you take a photo of your own bookshelf, and the app then works out which books are available to you as a free/discounted eBook to download. If there’s a cooler, more engaging, or more appropriate name for this app, I challenge you to think of it! Brilliant.
Visit Shelfie >


Visit the Wool and the Gang website

Whilst its name might be comforting and light-hearted, this is a business with a serious mission; ethical, sustainable, knitted fashion (the wool), created by a global community of makers (the gang). A warm and engaging brand name, and an inarguably positive philosophy. It's been called a 'social knitwork', and it feels like the future.
Visit Wool and the Gang >


Visit the Cubitic website

The name suggests right away a business with intelligence at its core: it sounds mathematical, a bit technical. And these qualities could hardly be more accurate. Specialists in data science, Cubitic provides machine learning solutions to users of big data. Impressive business, excellent name.
Visit Cubitic >


Visit the Bloobry website

The name Bloobry suggests right away that this is about fun. And so it is. This fantastic company creates and sells decorative, quirky, often witty, vinyl wall stickers. A business name doesn’t have to make sense; sometimes it just needs to set the right tone. This one achieves this brilliantly.
Visit Bloobry >


Catchy, original brand names

Although these businesses cover a wide range of sectors and markets, what they all have in common is that they’ve identified a catchy name with real originality within their respective markets. 

As well as helping to differentiate them from competitors, this approach also means that they’ve all been able to secure their very own, perfect, no-compromise .com domain. This is a powerful tool – and the best chance a business has of being easy to find online. Some of these names are even unique, so if you Google them, pretty much all 'Page 1' results are related to their brand.

More important than any practical benefits, these companies all have distinctive names that set them aside from everyone else, making them stand out, and easy to remember.

In other words, they don't just have names, they have brand names.


How about you? Do you have your own personal favourite business names? Drop us a line, and if we like them too we'll feature them next time!

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