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Boomf! A unique business deserves a unique name

Posted on September 04, 2015 by Dave Clark

The Boomf marshmallow brand

If you have an ordinary business, then an ordinary name will do the trick. You know: a sensible sounding name that’s, well, sensible.

But if you have an extraordinary business, you might do well to opt for a name that reflects your extraordinariness.

Take Boomf. It’s a business that will print your photographs directly onto marshmallows and then deliver them to your chosen recipient by post. Yes; marshmallows.

A creative name with real impact

Whatever you think of the idea - and at Novanym, we rather like it - it’s certainly not a run-of-the-mill business. And we absolutely love the name.

For one thing, it’s not Marshmallows Direct. Or PhotoMallows. Or anything else that tries to describe or explain the proposition. (That’s handled nicely by using the tag line ‘magical mallows’.)

And we love how it reflects the fun, unique - and, let's face it, slightly strange - nature of the business.

James Middleton, one of the people behind the business, has been quoted as saying that one of the most enjoyable parts of creating the product was coming up with its name. He says that ‘Boomf is the noise a marshmallow makes when it falls through your letter box’.

Their creativity and bravery in opting for a unique name is already paying off - it’s not only memorable and engaging, but it’s also delivering SEO dividends - a Google search on the word Boomf delivers only references to their business. Not too many businesses can deliver that.

If your company is unique - really unique - we think it deserves an original name.


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