Novanym case study: Nuenta

Novanym case study: Nuenta

Jason and Jane Adderley are experts in the distribution of renewable and environmental supplies. For their smart business venture, they chose the cunning animal brand name Fox Fittings. Since their launch in 2007 they have grown steadily ever since, and in 2012 launched a new brand called NRSuk, focused on the the supply of specialist 'buffer tanks' to the biomass market.

Running a business under two brand names is always challenging, with the inevitable complications of 'wearing two hats'. Plus you find yourself carrying two business cards, not knowing what to say when you answer the phone, needing to put two logos on your van, and so on. Jason and Jane began to realise that operating under a new, single brand name would make good business sense, and make their lives a bit easier.

An innovative brand name for a innovative company

So they were looking for a brand name that would give the business flexibility in the future, and when they sought out branding experts at Novanym. We soon identified the name 'Nuenta' as a perfect fit.

As well as being short and easy to remember, (with a perfect 6-letter domain name) Nuenta is the kind of name you'd expect a business in the eco/environmental sector to be called. (Meeting expectations is never a bad thing.) Although the name refers to newness and innovation, it wears this reference very lightly. Crucially, because the name is not descriptive and doesn't use any 'keywords', it will allow the business to grow and develop in the future.

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