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Choosing a good startup name - tips from an expert

Posted on May 20, 2015 by Dave Clark

This a great post from about brand building for startups. It's all good stuff, but point 3 really resonates. Jess Erickson of 500 Startups really hits the nail on the head, I think, when she points out that the number of terrible startup names is huge ...and growing.

We couldn't agree with her advice any more than if we'd written it ourselves.

Business names should be catchy, simple, memorable

She advises to go for name that is catchy, simple, memorable and doesn't have too many syllables - to avoid names that are ugly portmanteaus, have nonsensical capitalisation, or "sound like a half-sneeze" ...and, finally, not to use a generic word, so the name stands a chance of showing up in Google searches.

If we had an award for Naming Tips of the Year, Jess would be a major contender.


Brilliant, brandable domain names from Novanym


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