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Boxman: a simply brilliant brandable name

Posted on May 20, 2015 by Vince Bridgman

Brilliant branding delivered by Boxman

Sometimes we come across a business idea that's nothing short of brilliant. 

Every now and then we discover a company with a name and branding that's just perfect for it.

And once in a blue moon we find a brilliant idea and great branding in one place London-based

Boxman provides self-storage with a twist. Storage boxes are delivered to your door and then, when you've packed them, they're collected and stored at a secure, monitored facility. You never visit the storage facility yourself, and there's a simple, low cost fee.

For me, the cherry on the icing on the cake is that you log the contents of your storage boxes using a Boxman app or website. This means you know exactly what you've stored in each box. So when you want something returned, you use the app to select the right box, and organise delivery. (I'd definitely use the service myself if I lived in London!)

So their name isn't literal. It provides a hint of what they do, but doesn't attempt to tell the whole story. To do this it would need to be called 'EaziStore', or 'AppMyStorage', or some other accurate-but-forgettable descriptive name. 

A creative brand name with engagement

It's entirely natural that the service is called 'Boxman' – after all, they store boxes - so it gives a great 'hint' as to what the business is all about. But they don't store men in boxes, and the service obviously isn't just aimed at men. And I expect women work at Boxman too. 

The company has a brilliant, short, easy to remember, fantastically brandable name that seems obvious. But that's the thing about great business naming – it always seems obvious.

The Boxman identity was created by Sheffield creative agency Tonik.


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