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12 amazing Photographer Business Names you can buy today!

Posted on June 06, 2016 by Vince Bridgman

12 Amazing Photography Business Names

Professional photography is one of the most competitive creative sectors around. And there are countless types of photographers, providing all sorts of services from high end fashion shoots to photographers that specialise in working with parents and children.

You'll also find aerial photography specialists, and those focusing on interiors, events, PR, sports, weddings, the list goes on.

With so many different types and styles of photographers, effective branding is vital. And this starts with the business name, and the domain name.

The right brand name sends out appropriate signals, telling relevant clients that you're the right sort of photographer for them. The wrong name - or a bland name - will either confuse clients, make you hard to remember, or simply make you invisible online.

A great name starts with the perfect domain

It goes without saying that a strong online presence is important for any business, let alone one in the highly competitive world of creative services. Having a beautiful website with an impressive image portfolio obviously is essential. But owning a perfect .com domain is also really important for online visibility.

So here's a collection of 12 creative, original names that would make great brands for photographer businesses.

What's more, every name is available to buy right here at Novanym, and every name comes with the domain and a choice of 3 logo designs.

We hope you like our ideas... - available to buy at Novanym
This name oozes sophistication and graphic creativity, and its distinctive spelling makes it a powerful and ownable brand name. - domain for sale at Novanym
For a photography business that's all about personality and engagement, this is the perfect name to raise a smile. - a domain name for sale at Novanym
A fantastically simple business brand name that hardly needs explanation; clearly it's all about photographs and vision. - a very cool photography name
This short, sweet, and highly original brand name has impact and attitude.

Buy today at Novanym
Photovus = a photo-of-us! A wonderfully creative name with real meaning, and huge brand potential. - a great domain name for sale
A very, very cool name that's all about pictures. Lots of pictures. The -saurus ending might refer to a thesaurus, or to a dinosaur like a brontosaurus. You want brand engagement? Big tick.

CompanyP - a fabulous business name for sale
The P obviously stands for Photographer. So for a photography collective, this would make a fantastic name with real brand authority.

You can buy the domain here
Taken literally, this beautifully elegant name might mean 'the love of photos'. So it could be the perfect match for a wedding photography specialist looking for a distinctive brand name.

Prismascopic - cool business name
This amazingly evocative name sounds like it should be in the dictionary. It combines concepts of the colour spectrum and of vision - a perfect analogy with photographic creativity.

Photoqo - an awesome photography brand name
Photoqo sounds like Photo Co. (i.e. Photo Company), so it's an unambiguous name for a company in the image-making business. And the re-spelling makes this name unique. Sometimes, simple is best.

Pixamora - a lovely photography business name
This heart-warming name is the perfect marriage of 'pix' (pictures/images or pixels, depending on your perspective) and 'amora' (universally understood as the word for love).

Fotobeno - a very cool photographer company name
A natural, Latin-sounding brand name with a friendly youthfulness. Bellissimo!


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