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Why a 'random' business name is OK

Posted on October 07, 2014 by Vince Bridgman

Random business names - and why they're OK

Some people can be sniffy about the idea of brandable domains.

There are some company naming specialists who consider brandable domains 'random', and that the only way to a great brand name is to carry out rigorous research, develop a brand proposition, identify a long list of names based on the findings, market test ...yada-yada.

This is great if you have a few months and plenty of cash to commission a branding agency. But what if you just need to get a name, and get up and running? And what if you're a startup that doesn't know precisely where (or what) the business will be in five years, or even one year? The most reasoned and considered brand proposition soon gets ditched when unpredictable commercial realities intervene. So the name that accurately described your business on day one, might not resonate quite so clearly a year or two later. In any case, what's so wrong with random?

Where do catchy business names come from?

It's worth remembering that many successful brand names were, and are, a bit random. For example, any company named after its founder is random; choosing their own name is nothing more than a traditional, default selection method (that and an ego massager).

Admittedly, such eponymous brand names have some integrity, but they have nothing more than that until values, awareness and messages start attaching themselves over time. A hoover wasn't a hoover until William Hoover named the company and his product after himself and people starting buying it. (And today, your hoover is more likely to be a Dyson - another eponymous yet otherwise random brand name.)

The brand value of a perfect domain

Some business owners may feel that brandable domains are somehow 'cheating', and that they ought to be able to come up with a business name themselves. In theory this would be the case, were it not for the added contemporary conundrum of finding a great domain name. Many companies live with the compromise of an imperfect domain, but entrepreneurial types tend to think big - and recognise the huge brand value in owning the perfect .com for their business name. Good brandable business names deliver on this important objective by starting with the perfect domain and working back.

We'd also argue that the best brandable domains are just as creative, professional and engaging as any other way of finding a business name.

A great way to find business name ideas

Unless you have an unlimited budget, naming a business and owning the perfect .com domain requires a compromise or two. Many brandable domains certainly aren't perfect (in fact, some are downright awful), but there are many great ones out there just waiting to be snapped up by the right businesses.

Random? Not really; people will use their own criteria for selecting a name - so it's not as random as it might seem. Anyway, is 'random' such a bad thing? We think not. For real businesses in the real world, the right brandable name offers a genuine alternative, and an affordable branding solution. Click 'Browse All Names' and take a look at our list of business names.


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