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The property sector (and the importance of a great company name)

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Vince Bridgman

Construction businesses - the importance of a great name

Just like any business sector, in the world of property development, estate agency, real estate and construction, good company branding has never been more important. Competition continues to grow, differentiation gets tougher, and the demands on property-related sectors come from all angles. Standing out and getting remembered is vital.

Strong company brand starts with a great company name

And that’s where many businesses get off to a less-than-ideal start.

Construction companies are often the worst culprits. How many builders' or contractors’ vans do you see branded with such memorable names as ‘M.C.Property Services Ltd’, ‘’A.E.L. Contractors Limited’ or ‘K & J Brown Builders (Wigan)’? Too many. So many in fact, that they are all pretty much invisible.

It’s usually only the larger construction companies and builders that realise the value of branding with a distinctive name a strong logo design. All too often, small businesses (and not just in the construction sector) think that branding doesn’t really apply to them. And they might well be able to survive without investing a bit of time and effort in improving the way they present their business to its customers. But they’re missing out on a very valuable trick. Businesses that ‘get’ branding and have a distinctive company name and a well-designed logo, are almost always more successful than those that don’t.

The value of brand differentiation

Over the past decade or so, real estate businesses and estate agencies have been showing the way by developing effective, clear and well-differentiated brands. Walking down most high streets, it’s usually quite easy to distinguish high-end estate agencies from the lower property value specialists, and the mid-range estate agencies from the property rental specialists.

Property developers also, as a general rule, use branding to good effect in order to name and brand new developments and housing schemes. Names that evoke the location they’re creating, or the lifestyle dream they’re promoting, can be a powerful and highly effective way of engaging with potential buyers and property investors

Whether a business is based in Newcastle, New Delhi or New York, a distinctive company name is a powerful way of demonstrating the difference between your business and its competitors. Too many businesses labour on with brand names that don’t do them any favours, partly because they’re a bit afraid to change, and partly because they think that changing will be too expensive. 

The reality of finding a great business name

Coming up with creative, catchy, interesting business name ideas can be fun at the start - a brainstorm with some friends and family over a glass or two can be an enjoyable way of spending a few hours. But you can quickly discover that those brilliant company name ideas you and your friends came up with have already been discovered and used by other people, sometimes in the same sector as your company. And then comes the tricky issue of finding a great .com domain. Pretty much any ‘brandable' word from the dictionary will have already been registered as a domain - .com or otherwise. It’s a big world out there!

Construction: catchy names make great brands

The mistake business owners often make is thinking that they have come up with a new business name themselves. Of course, being a great builder, ace project manager or first rate sales person doesn’t make you a creative branding specialist. Many people often think that the only other way is getting a branding agency or design company involved, which can be a prohibitively expensive process, with no guarantee of a great brand name at the end of it.

Novanym offers a more affordable and pragmatic approach. We have dozens of catchy, affordable, ready-made brand names that are created with construction companies, property developers, estate agencies and real estate firms in mind. We’ve shown just a small selection of company names below, and you can see many more by clicking here. All names are ready to be used right away and come with their own single word .com domain.


And if you’d like some help choosing the right Novanym name for your business, please get in touch - we’d love to help.


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