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Mistakes to avoid when naming your business

Posted on October 23, 2014 by Dave Clark

Business naming mistakes

We recommend reading this great article by branding specialist Phil Davis, for The Entrepreneur:

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Naming Your Business

In summary, the mistakes Phil advises against are:

  • Avoid committee decisions – it typically leads to a 'vanilla' name that everyone hates the least
  • Avoid names that are the result of collisions of different word parts – it can be done, but mostly the results are clunky and awkward
  • Avoid blandness and 'keyword' names, it's a busy, noisy world out there and you'll never stand out by playing it too safe
  • Avoid using your business's location in its name – it limits future expansion, and the value of your brand
  • Avoid familiar company name clichés, however comforting the idea might be
  • Avoid overly cryptic or clever-clever names
  • Avoid choosing the wrong name and then being afraid to change it

Some great tips, and Phil expands on each of these points – it makes good reading. Check it out!


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