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Beautiful names for beauty businesses

Posted on November 02, 2014 by Vince Bridgman

Beautiful names for the cosmetics industry

The business of beauty, wellness, treatments and cosmetics continues to see unprecedented growth, which is great news if you're starting a company in this thriving, fast-developing sector. But such industry-wide success poses the challenge of intense and diverse competition – a huge variety of company names and brands are constantly vying for attention.

From one-person startups and therapists, to small scale manufacturers and multinational brand launches (and everything in between) new companies and brands enter the market every month, and established brands are finding ever more sophisticated ways of getting noticed by leveraging various social media platforms and methods, along with the more traditional routes of PR, marketing and advertising.

Clever innovation and new ideas can help to cut through this noise, and can be effective in reaching a busy marketplace ever eager to discover the new. And, as with any other sector, a well-organised and ideally well-funded media strategy will improve the chances of commercial success. There's also that unpredictable, random component of 'a bit of good luck' – getting positive coverage in the right place at the right time can accelerate a beauty business into the stratosphere.

Brand is queen

But what no new business in this sector can succeed without is a great brand name, and well-considered and designed visual branding. In this market, arguably more so than any other, brand is king ...or perhaps queen. And this poses a big problem: coming up with a great new brand name in such an incredibly competitive environment is tough; REALLY tough, especially if owning the perfect .com domain is important to you (which, for most businesses, it should be).

Creative company naming

Ideally, you'd have a few months and a decent budget to commission a branding agency or naming specialist to come up with a list of names for you. You'd give them a comprehensive creative brief, outline your objectives for your business, tell them about your products or services and what makes them different to your competitors, etc etc ...and then wait for some great ideas to come back. In an ideal world, this is how everyone would go about naming and branding their business.

But the majority of business owners and startups don't live in an ideal world. They have enough plates to spin just getting their business off the ground, and could really do with a more affordable and pragmatic solution to naming their new venture.

This is where 'brandable business names' services like Novanym can provide an alternative.

Brandable business names (or 'brandable domains') start with a great .com address and work back. Novanym offers a collection of business names – effectively 'off the peg' company names – created by experienced branding professionals. Importantly, each name is sold with a perfect, single-word .com domain.

Bear in mind that choosing the right name from a list of 250+ is still tough – as with any other method you have to 'listen to your heart' and trust your instincts when a business name jumps out at you. If you can recognise yourself in a business name, and it just kind of feels right, then it's probably the right name for you.

Example business names for the beauty sector

Below we've put together just a few examples of business names that would be great for beauty, cosmetics or treatments businesses. Do any of these resonate with you and your business?

Example business names for beauty companies

You can find many more available business names by clicking here. And remember, ALL names come with their own perfect .com domain and three professionally-designed logos to choose from.



Unique business names with perfect .com domains


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