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Creative business names from 6 amazing startups

Posted on April 06, 2016 by Vince Bridgman

Creative business names

As regular readers of the Novanym blog will know, we love spotting new creative brand names - especially from startups with interesting ideas.

When you've worked so hard to develop an idea, it seems a shame not to capture and convey this excitement and originality in a creative business name.

Creative by name, creative by nature

A creative brand name says so much about a business. It tells people that you're different from the rest. It can set the right tone for what you do or who you're for. It can deliver a bit of personality. And, if it has the perfect, no-compromise .com domain, it sends trust signals, and tells people you're serious about your business.

Here are six excellent examples of startups choosing a creative business name for their innovative idea: - the online framing company


Hipture is a great new online picture framing service (the service can be pre-ordered at Kickstarter). Using an app, you’ll be able to upload pictures from your Instagram, or from your smartphone’s photo gallery. The frames are hand-crafted, so Hipture is effectively a bridge between a traditional craft business and the digital world. Just like its name.

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Wonderush - unlimited things to do every day


This is a really interesting concept. For a fixed monthly fee, you get access to tons of things to do in your area; music events, fitness classes, learning and education, arts/crafts events and classes …the list goes on. The name Wonderush neatly captures the energy and positivity of discovering new experiences, but without being descriptive. Wonderful.

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elumeo - making fine jewellery an affordable luxury


Aside from its elegance, brevity and instinctive spelling, one of the things I really love about this name is that it’s not what you’d expect from a jewellery brand. It takes boldness to avoid following the herd. The company’s mission is to make high quality gemstone jewellery an affordable luxury for everyone. So a warm, accessible brand name is exactly what was required. 

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Gradberry - Get recommended to the best jobs


Available in tech hotspots around the US, Gradberry is a new breed recruitment service that puts employers in touch with talented programmers and software engineers. And the way it does this is suitably clever, and a bit awesome; Gradberry analyses programmers’ code to match their suitability for certain positions.

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Synergyse - training for Google apps


Synergyse is a platform that gives developers the ability to include app training, embedded inside the Google Apps they develop. The name Synergyse of course suggests the synergies they have with their clients. But on a more right-brained level, the name just sounds smart and sophisticated. Job done.

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Placester - digital marketing for Real Estate companies


Placester is a real estate marketing platform that helps real estate professionals grow their businesses online. The name sounds like an imagined location - perfect for a business in the property sector. But it also has a very light tone; not silly, but not too serious or earnest either. This makes Placester a highly engaging brand name.

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These six brilliant brand name examples cover a wide cross-section of market sectors, but all have a few things in common:

  • They had the confidence to choose a unique name that avoided following their peers
  • They secured the perfect .com domain, which indicates authority and 'primacy'
  • They thought outside the box - demonstrating creativity and independent thinking

 And this means that they don't just have a business name, they have a brand name.


To find a unique, creative business name for your company, browse our collection of over 400 names.

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