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How to find a great name for your Real Estate Company

Posted on April 04, 2016 by Dave Clark

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If you’re in the real estate business, you might ask yourself whether your company name really matters. After all, it’s your ability to deliver on your customers’ requirements that counts, isn’t it?

But being good at what you do isn’t enough on its own. The real estate business is a competitive world. So you need to get noticed and get remembered. You want to make it easy for your satisfied customers to recommend you and for new customers to find you. And of course, you’ll want to create the right first impression with everybody. 

They may well be second-nature to most business people, but all of these things are actually branding. And perhaps the most important element of branding - especially in the early days - is your company name. Your company name says a lot about you.

What a great name can do for a real estate company

If you start to think of your company name as part of your business branding, rather than just a functional, descriptive thing, your name can start to add real value to your business.

When it’s done right, branding does two key things: it creates differentiation and engagement. Differentiation helps your business get noticed and get found; and engagement helps it to connect with your various audiences and to get remembered. 

Because it’s a key part of your company’s branding, your business name should also create differentiation and engagement. Here are four fundamental tips that will help to ensure that your name does this.

Four key tips which will help your real estate company name become a brand name

1. Don’t be literal

Functional, descriptive names don't differentiate a business from the competition. They never become brands. 

It may be tempting to ’tell people what you do’ with your company name, but it really isn't required - the context in which people come across you, and what you say or write, makes that more than clear. Your name doesn't need to scream 'Real Estate’!

And it may also seem like a safe and sensible option to use words that are relevant to the real estate business or refer to your location - but these words are used by all of your competitors, too. Using generic or ubiquitous words will make you blend in to the background, and will make it difficult to find you online.

So don’t call your business Affordable Realtors. And if you’re based in Austin, TX don’t call yourself Austin Real Estate

2. Be different

Your business name should be your business name, not just a business name. And in order to establish this ownership, it needs to be different. You don't want to be ’just another real estate company’.

Make a list of all of your competitors and analyse the nature of their business names. You’ll probably find that there are a few generic names, a few anonymous sets of initials, some location-specific names and possibly a couple of ’classical’ names like Hercules or Pegasus

It may seem obvious, but your task is to make sure your name is completely different to all of your competitors. Conversely, there is a tendency for businesses to ’play safe’ and mimic each other. 

When Apple started out, their competitors all had ’sensible’ high tech names and they were mocked for their choice. When Virgin started an airline, most of their rivals used traditional geographical names or words that referred to flight.

Being contrary takes a little bravery. But it's a great way to make sure you really own your business name.

3. Get inventive

Your business name doesn't have to be a dictionary word and it doesn't have to mean anything. In fact, being an invented word is a major advantage.

Being invented doesn't mean ’random’. Your name still needs to be easy to say and easy to spell. So a zany jumble of letters just won't do. But it could, for example, combine parts of existing words. That way, it will still sound and feel ’natural’.

If your business name is invented, it’s likely to be unique - so you’ll be easy to remember, and easy to find online. You are more likely to find that the .com domain is available, too: that will give you vital brand authority. And it also makes it a lot easier if you want to protect your name by registering it as a trademark - because generic or commonly-used words can't be registered as trademarks. 

From Kodak, Sony and Google to Cisco, Verizon and Accenture... invented business names are all around us. They probably sounded strange at first, but they soon become familiar and comfortable - and they helped to create very strong brands. 

4. Show your personality

Your choice of name can play a vital role in your branding - which helps to establish engagement. This is all about making connections with people on a human level by conveying something of your personality or approach to business. A real estate company is as much about people as it is about property.

Even if it doesn't describe what you do, and it doesn't spell out that you are a realtor or real estate company, your business name can still tell people a lot about you and your business. 

If you’re informal and friendly - or even a bit quirky - your company name can reinforce this. If you’re a business based on traditional values, your name can convey a little of this style, too. Likewise, if your specialism is in rural properties, then a name with a natural, outdoors vibe would be a great fit - and if your use of technology gives you an edge, a contemporary-styled business name will set the scene. 

Novanym can help find your real estate company name

Even if you follow these four tips, you might still find it difficult to find a name for your business. It isn't easy. But even if you want a bit of help, you might not have the time, budget or inclination to use a marketing or branding agency. This is where Novanym’s collection of ’brandable’ business names comes in. 

Our business names have been developed by branding specialists, and are available to buy for your business. Each name comes with a perfect .com domain and a choice of three professionally-designed logos. You’ll find that each name has been developed with our four key naming tips in mind.

You can simply browse our collection of more than 400 brand names and look for a name that feels right for your business. 

To help, we have even highlighted a selection of names that we feel would work particularly well for a real estate company or realtor.

Here's just a selection:

OaksWood is a real estate company name from Novany HenleySquare is a brand name for sale at NovanymMorningvale isa brandable name for sale at NovanymReal Estate Company names - NovanymAble field - a brandable name from Novanym

For Sale | Domesis - a real estate company brand nameQueens mount - a brand name for sale at NovanymCorhaven - For Sale - a great real estate brand nameHeartburn - brand name for saleGreatElms - brand name for sale

DoveGreen - a real estate brand name for sale at NovanymIdentihaus - a real estate company name for saleYardBrook - for sale - great brand nameHawkside - brand name for saleKeyWharf - real estate brand name for sale

See more real estate company name ideas> 


If you find a name that works for you, then with one simple online purchase you can be named, branded and ready to go.

Your real estate company name is about the future

However you go about naming your business, it’s vital that you spend time to get it right. If successful, your real estate business will be trading under its name for years to come. Now is not the time for compromises. 

Getting the name right from the outset will give you the opportunity to create more than a business - you'll have the opportunity to build a valuable real estate brand. 


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