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Posted on April 04, 2016 by Vince Bridgman

Food Company Names from Novanym

If you're in food service or the hospitality business, you hardly need telling that it's a fiercely competitive sector. It's taken as read that you'll deliver excellent service, be flexible and responsive to customer needs, work within strict codes of practice ...and work really, really hard.

But to be successful in the long term, a business needs even more than that. It needs a strong brand.

Effective branding is vital for recognition, for differentiation, for making connections with customers, and for building a sustainable business with value. And this starts with the business name.

A food company doesn't need a name - it needs a brand name

If potential customers can easily remember and recall your business name, this is a massive head-start. If the name makes them feel something - creating some sort of emotional trigger - then you're really cooking.

The cherry on the icing on the cake is when you can own the perfect, no-compromise .com domain. Owning the .com gives a business ’primacy’ - effectively allowing you to ‘own’ the brand name. As well as sending signals of authority and trust, a great .com domain will also make your business much easier to find online.

Of course, a restaurant with a local customer base might prefer to use its country-specific domain suffix (e.g., .es, .hk, etc) but owning the .com can give your brand name a degree of protection, and it can give a website’s SEO a real boost.

When a business name is distinctive, memorable, engaging and has the perfect .com domain, this is when it starts to become a brand name.

Different strokes for different folks

There is no 'one size fits all' for naming a business in the catering or hospitality sectors. Not only do companies come in all shapes and sizes, they also have different target customers and objectives.

The name Yumto would be brilliant for a funky new recipe app, but wouldn’t be right for an elegant restaurant - where a more sophisticated name like Bistrovia would be a much better fit.

Culinos would make an excellent brand name for a range of kitchen products or gastronomic gadgetry, but wouldn’t suit a high street cafe, where BrownToast would be far more appropriate.

Naming a single-site sandwich shop is, a very different brief to naming a high end catering supplier, a social sharing app for foodies, or a budget restaurant chain with big ambitions. Same sector, totally different naming briefs.

The right food company name will set the right tone, and send out the right signals to potential customers.

The personality test

Before choosing a name for any business, it's important to ask yourself what the personality of your business will be.

For example, is it irreverent and offbeat? Then maybe a name like Tomatus or Yumto could fit the bill. If you’d describe your business as timeless and traditional, then Maymill or Coriandis might work. Exciting and high energy? Then how about Belizzi or Viotonic.

For businesses that describe themselves as classic and authentic, a name like Morningvale or Teraza would be ideal. Pioneering and innovative? Dinetic or Nutranta both have a contemporary feel. And Pepperific or bblgm sound perfect for a food company where speed and convenience is important.

Every food company has its own personality. And once you identify what this personality is, you can decide which names on your shortlist will best match it.

For some helpful tips on how to choose the right company name from your shortlist, click here >

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Naming traps - and how to avoid them

There are several types of names that are usually best avoided. Location names, descriptive names, and eponymous names (using the proprietor’s name) can all paint a business into a corner, and make future expansion and development problematic. Such tried and tested routes seem like the safe choice, but they’re quite the opposite.

The perfect food company name will avoid these naming traps, giving your business space to grow. Click here to read more about the types of names you should avoid. 

Listen to your heart

When naming a business, people tend to focus too much on logic, and don’t use enough instinct. It’s OK for you to chose a name because you love it, even if it doesn’t make complete sense.

The best name for your business is the one that’s a good fit for your marketplace, doesn’t conflict with competitors, makes you easy to find online, suits the personality of your business …and somehow just feels right to you.

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